This Tiny Device Tells You When to Stop Applying Product and the Future Is Officially Here

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
A transdermal, handheld device that claims to help active ingredients go deeper, while sending a signal when hydration levels are reached.

If You Want to Know More:
Kat Burki’s skin care is decidedly straightforward. There’s a lot of technology, a lot of potent ingredients, the oils are cold-pressed, and, as Burki will tell you herself, she’s very proud of the fact that there’s no fillers—including water—in the formulas.

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That’s why the brand’s Micro-Firming Wand ($100) introduction struck me as a bit (sorry, Kat) overly complicated. I love the line because if the packaging says “vitamin C,” I know I’m going to get a high concentration of vitamin C, when the Eye Serum promises “intense recovery,” I know it’s going to make me look rested, but this sleek-looking “transdermal delivery system” that came with promises of being able to “sense when a product is completely absorbed” seemed a bit far-out—even for the most devout Burki fanatics.

But it’s tiny and it can be used with your regular routine and it takes two seconds to set up, so I figured it was worth a shot. You kind of just "massage" it over your face with circular motions when applying serums and creams—which does seem to make them go in better—and, when I use it regularly throughout the week, my skin looks noticeably fresher. There's also a whole bunch of science at play, including iconic energy, microcirculation and micro-vibration—a mix the brand says helps deliver nutrients deeper into the skin. 

The coolest feature: It actually stops vibrating when once whatever product you're applying is completely absorbed, so your face or fingers no longer have to do the guesswork.