Christina Milian Beats Blackheads With a 112-Year-Old Drugstore Brand

It’s not everyday that a celebrity gets real about their tried-and-true beauty routine, but when they do, it's usually to dish about some unattainable and ultra-expensive list of skin care products. However, that certainly wasn’t the case when we sat down with singer-turned-actress, Christina Milian, for the launch of the Curve Fragrances #CurveYourReality Campaign.

Contrary to what we may believe, Milian isn't always using luxury moisturizers or splurging on weekly facials. Instead, she sticks to a few tried-and-true favorites that—in this case—were passed down from her mother.

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“My mom used to use Noxzema as a kid, and it’s still great,” says Milian. “We would put it around our nose when our pores would be filled up with blackheads.”

As a brand known for deep cleaning the skin of dirt, oil and makeup, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising that Milian would have this 112-year-old drugstore favorite in her product arsenal. “This has always really worked for me, however, everyone’s skin is different so peel-off strips are another, newer option.”

Another beauty tip from Momma Milian? A single step, hair mask recipe that's actually a celebrity hairstylist favorite. “My mom and grandma passed on this mayonnaise trick where you apply it to your hair and sit with a shower cap on for an hour,” she explains. "It really softens my hair." 

Considering mayo can be found at your local grocery store for less than $4, Milian clearly knows that a good beauty routine doesn't always have to be expensive, and we couldn't agree more.