Experts Reveal the 5 Beauty Treatments You Should Be Doing By the Time You’re 40

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We’re all in this race to stop the effects of aging before it gets the best of us. Unless you have been gifted with genes that are totally immune to aging (hate to say it, but no matter how good your genetics are, everyone is destined to age), matters need to be taken into your own hands with a plan of attack that includes treatments and procedures that make a difference. This is what our experts say should be on everyone’s to-do list before you hit the big 4-0.

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Follow a really good skin care regimen

We know that by the time we hit age 40 we need to invest in some serious skin care products (and we’re not talking price-wise here). Creams and serums that contain antioxidants, peptides and retinol are super important because they help prompt collagen production. “Your skin care routine should consist of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting your skin from the elements,” says Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon, MD. “Using good products will help prevent further aging in terms of lines and brown and red spots. You need to also protect your skin from the sun and follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a youthful look.”

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Don’t be scared to try neuromodulators…

Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin and Dysport (also known as neuromodulators), are, according to New York facial plastic surgeon Dilip D. Madnani, MD, a must. “They relax the face and give a rested appearance.” Commonly used to smooth out lines between the eyebrows, at the outer corners of the eyes and on the forehead, regular injections of neuromodulators can do wonders for preventing and erasing wrinkles. And, just because you choose to give them a whirl by age 40, you don’t really need to worry about looking frozen, either. “A few injections a few times per year helps keep the very active muscles in your face in check,” says New York plastic surgeon Sachin M. Shridharani, MD. “Most of my young patients want natural results with faces still maintaining motion. There is still lessening of the severity of the lines and creases that are inevitable as we mature.”

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…Or fillers

Once we hit our 40s, the effects of volume loss have taken hold (although they will progress with age). To correct the look of flat cheeks and deepening lines around the mouth, Dr. Madnani says that Juvéderm can help to plump the area. For under-eye hollows, or to camouflage signs of under-eye bags, fillers like Belotero can be used to rejuvenate the area. “The reason why dermal fillers are a must is because in order to keep your youthful appearance intact, you need to maintain volume in all the right places,” says Dr. Shridharani.

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Treat your skin to lasers

From IPL and Halo to Clear + Brilliant, fractionated lasers and everything in between, getting a laser treatment done as needed is one of the best things you can do for the tone and texture of your skin. “Resurfacing lasers are lasers used to strategically and precisely remove superficial layers of skin down to deeper layers that are stimulated to heal with a resulting radiant effect,” says Dr. Shridharani. “In addition, resurfacing lasers stimulate collagen growth, help get rid of fine lines and creases, and remove environmental trauma to the skin (sunspots).” Besides lasers, other skin rejuvenators like microneedling and PRP are beneficial, too. “HydraFacial MD treatments are a great way to exfoliate the surface of the skin without irritation or downtime and create a healthy glow. IPL is the best option for hyperpigmentation (sunspots) that usually start showing up in your late 30s,” says Ann Arbor, MI, plastic surgeon Richard Beil, MD

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Don’t neglect your smile and whiten it

Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald Goldstein, DDS, says that the sooner you try to whiten yellow or dark teeth, the better. “As we age, dark teeth only get darker, so it is important to know if bleaching will work in removing yellow or other dark stains.” Plus, no one wants a discolored-looking smile, which is an instant ager. 

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