The Ultimate Laser Treatment for Smoother Skin

If you have depressed (atrophic) acne scars, you could benefit from a radio-frequency fractional laser treatment called eMatrix. 

The procedure, which feels like a warm, prickly sensation as it delivers energy deep into skin, works by restructuring damaged collagen to give skin a smoother, tighter effect. 

“The pain associated with the procedure is minimal,” says Nashville, TN, dermatologist Michael Gold, MD. “You can expect your skin to be red (it can feel like a sunburn) for one to two days, but there’s usually no need to miss work. Generally, two to four treatments are needed, and the results, which include raising and smoothing of scarred areas, can be very impressive.” 

A new nanofractional radio-frequency device, Venus Viva, has recently been cleared by the FDA and is said to be even more powerful than eMatrix, with the ability to treat larger areas of scarring. “We have seen some very promising results and are excited to offer it to our patients,” says Dr. Gold. 

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