5 Acne Culprits You Had No Clue About

5 Acne Culprits You Had No Clue About featured image

Eat well, wash right, blame your hormones…you’ve heard it all before for waging the war on acne. But, we bet you had no clue about these five breakout-causing culprits:

Digital Offenders
You probably know that your phone is a major problem when it comes to instigating breakouts (a dirty phone equates with bacteria, and, when it’s pressed up against your face or chin, it’s a surefire formula for acne)—but, did you know your computer keyboard is a not-so-obvious offender as well? According to celebrity aesthetician Susan Ciminelli, when you type on a dirty keyboard, then touch your skin, it has the tendency to cause breakouts. “Wipe both your phone and your keyboard with alcohol frequently,” she suggests. 

The Gym
Like your keyboard and phone, the gym is a popular meeting spot for bacteria. “Gym workouts are beneficial for your overall health, but the machine surfaces and ground are filled with acne-causing bacteria,” says Hollywood, FL, dermatologist Gary Goldfaden, MD. “Try not to touch your face during your workout and wash your hands immediately afterward.” 

Your Showerhead
Sure, washing does away with the dirt, but celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy stands by this one: “The elements that make up hard water can aggravate acne-prone, sensitive skin.” Her suggestion: Invest in a showerhead that has the ability to remove most of these impurities (she uses T3 Source Showerhead Filter).

Hair Conditioner
Don’t worry: You aren’t destined to a life of dried-out stands, but, according to celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau, there is one pesky ingredient you should perhaps be wary of—especially if you have a tendency to get acne on your back, hairline and shoulders. “Hair conditioners containing panthenol could be the cause of blemishes in areas where conditioner residue resides,” she says. “It is a popular ingredient to provide strength to hair, but, in order for it to attach to the hair follicle and smooth the cuticle, it needs to be processed and combined with heavy oil-soluble ingredients, since hair is somewhat water-repellent.”

Flying on a Plane
Disembarking from a plane usually comes with that “my skin feels dried out” cry of despair—but, according to Rouleau, it’s not just the lack of moisture that might be giving your skin some issues. “The cabins on airplanes have extremely low humidity, which is what causes skin to get extremely dehydrated. The dry air looks for moisture where it can get it and that means robbing it right from your skin! The dehydrated cells cause a buildup, which can trap oil underneath the skin, resulting in post-flight breakouts.”

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