Beauty Vlogger Shows the One Product That Fakes Flawless Skin

We love watching a YouTube beauty transformation, but as transfixed as we are with celebrity makeup tutorials and dramatic contouring--most of the time, we click out of the video thinking “Well, never going to try that.”

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But when we saw Australian makeup artist, Heidi Hamound, transform her blemished complexion into totally flawless skin using only four products, we knew that this tutorial is one we could actually use.

In the video, Hamound is seen using moisturizer, primer, concealer and foundation. She starts by applying moisturizer (Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream) to cleansed skin and then using a matte primer (Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer #1 Mattifying Primer), which does double duty to mattify oily and blemish-prone skin and help makeup go on smoother and stay on longer. Hamound adds that the primer also creates a shield over the acne and helps concealer and foundation cover imperfections better.

Once the skin was prepped, Hamound went in with green concealer, which she applied all over her blemishes, saying that the key to covering imperfections was in using the right color of concealer. “A lot of people come to the assumption you need tons of foundation to cover acne, but in truth it's all about colour correcting it,” the vlogger says in her video caption. See the full transformation, step by step, in the video below.

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    What about clearing up the acne with Rodan and Fields unblemish and then using mineral peptide powder. You will have gorgeous skin!

  • Joana
    Posted on

    What color /product on lips ??? Great color!

  • diane
    Posted on

    Amazing!!!! Well done.

  • Kathy
    Posted on

    What colorls do you use for dark skin. Not black, but dark

  • RealHausFrau
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    Wow! That's a testament to the importance of using proper primers with the perfect colors & formulation of cover/powder. Add the right tools & skilled application to that for flawless! I can't say it seems viable as a routine that fits the daily lives of adults, forget acne-prone teens. The application & blending requires precise, detailed attention & time. If the product shades do not blend together & into the skin seamlessly, it can go bad fast. The final look is beautiful & an amazing show of what can be done when multiple products are used skillfully. To me, it looks much too theatrical, heavy, mature & 'done' for most women, certainly the under 21 group. I wish it had incorporated products that create a less opaque/matte finish & a more 'fresh', light filled, youthful one. I didn't hear the tutorial though, so they could have been showing/going for a stage or prom/special look. It's not for daily life though. Regardless, a great lesson in how it can all work together for an amazing transformation, that's certain.

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