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The Brightest Smiles in Hollywood Kim Kardashian
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It’s the first thing people notice on your face. It has the ability to age you up to 10 years if it is not taken care of. And it shows the world that you’re happy. It’s your smile.

The brighter and whiter your smile is, the healthier and younger you look. When you think of anti-aging treatments, your first thought may not be your teeth, but perhaps it should be. “More people are becoming age-conscious and searching for means to help them look younger. What most people don’t realize is that age affects more than just skin and hair,” says Tinley Park, IL cosmetic dentist Zack Zaibak, DDS. “One aspect that reveals your true age is your smile.”

The easiest way to instantly makeover your smile, is to whiten your teeth. Look at how beautiful and effervescent Kim Kardashian looks with her pearly whites.

Scroll through this gallery of celebrities with the whitest smiles and get tips on how you too can capture a brighter smile.

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Blake Lively has gorgeously straight teeth. She also happens to have teeth as white as paper. Wearing a bold red lipstick is the best option for making your whites stand out—rich, true reds and berries boost brightness.

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Penelope Cruz’s white smile makes the actress seem friendly and approachable, not to mention youthful. “The whiter the teeth, the more youthful and attractive your smile will appear,” says Dr. Zaibak.

Teeth that are yellow in color may result from stains caused by food and drinks, plaque or even aging itself. “As we get older, the pulp in the center of the teeth recedes and is filled in with dentin, which is darker than enamel so the end result is a darker appearing tooth,” says Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS.

Professional teeth bleaching can correct most yellow stains. Deep stains most likely have to be treated with this type of professional lightening.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith’s smile is very white, and looks brighter thanks to her darker skin tone. The increased level of contrast created by dark skin tones makes the teeth appear bright even without bleaching. If you are choosing veneers to correct the shade of your smile, it’s important not to go too white. “Generally we recommend the lightest natural tooth shade and don’t go to the bleaching shades,” says Sarasota, FL cosmetic dentist Jenifer Back, DMD.

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Emily Blunt has a natural-looking white smile. If you don’t need professional bleaching and are just dealing with light stains, there are a couple of options. Light-accelerated teeth whitening can help tremendously and over-the-counter strips may help slightly as well. 

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One of the reasons Kelly Ripa has such a bright smile is thanks to her tan. Tanned skin naturally makes teeth appear whiter then they actually might be. If you are looking for a way to naturally keep your teeth white, limit potential for teeth yellowing by rinsing with water after eating foods and drinks that may stain, like berries, coffee and tea. This can help keep superficial stains from setting.

Also, eating fresh apples can help keep your teeth bright. The malic acid in the apples helps dissolve stains and clean teeth.

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Kristin Davis’ smile is warm and inviting thanks to such healthy-looking, naturally white teeth.

If you have sensitive gums and still want to whiten your teeth, it is possible with the right care. Agoura Hills, CA, cosmetic dentist Jonathan Ziv, DDS, says your best bet is bleaching your teeth in-office to minimize the potential for sensitivity.

“My thirty plus year’s experience is that home tray bleaching has the most potential for sensitivity over in-office dentist supervised bleaching, like BriteSmile or Zoom or Kor. With home trays the bleach solution is free to migrate and irritate sensitive gums and gumline root recession areas. In-office bleaching, if properly performed and supervised, protects those sensitive areas from exposure to the bleaching chemicals.”

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Holly Madison’s teeth shine bright and are perfectly straight.

If your teeth a gray in shade, caused from some oral antibiotics as opposed to nutrition, “bleaching your teeth up to one year may help to remove stains,” says Dr. Goldstein. “If not, then consider masking the stain with veneers or crowns.”

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Alice Eve’s white smile is also enhances by her hot pink lipstick. When looking for lipstick shades, it’s best to find shades with a blue undertone as they can help counteract any yellow you have in the enamel.

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There is a common misconception that certain ethnicities, like African-Americans, are prone to teeth stains, but this is untrue. Gabrielle Union’s smile is bright and gorgeous.

While ethnicity doesn’t necessarily play a role in how likely your teeth are to stain, genetics can cause some people’s enamel to be more porous than others. The more porous, the higher likelihood of stains. To prevent stains, “it is hugely important to maintain a proper oral-health routine to help reduce any change in teeth appearance. Make sure you are visiting your dentist on a regular basis, while brushing, flossing and rinsing thoroughly at all times,” says San Francisco cosmetic dentist Niloufer G. Hamsayeh, DDS

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