Jessica Simpson’s Nutritionist Shares the Diet That Helped Her Lose 100 Pounds

Jessica Simpson’s Nutritionist Shares the Diet That Helped Her Lose 100 Pounds featured image
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There’s no denying that celebrity weight-loss stories can be totally inspiring, especially since Adele’s recent 100-pound weight loss story has inspired us to finally commit to our own health goals this year. 

And now, Jessica Simpson seems to be the latest celebrity to share her weight loss success story, as her nutritionist Liz Josefburg recently shared with Hollywood Life that the singer dropped an impressive 100 pounds of baby weight in just six months. 

So how did she do it? Josefburg credits Simpson’s weight loss success to practicing moderation and mindful eating by eating regular meals (three meals a day) throughout the day, including a snack. And aside from choosing walking as a form of exercise, Jessica’s nutritionist also credited her weight loss to drinking a lot of water. 

While Josefburg’s plan definitely helped Simpson shed weight quickly, registered dietitian Brittany Modell, MS, RD, CDN, says that it might not be suitable for everyone, especially since celebrities like Jessica Simpson often have personal chefs, personal trainers, and health coaches around-the-clock to make losing weight easier.

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But that’s not to say that she is agreeance with Josefburg’s approach to indulging mindfully, as it’s something she recommends to her own clients in order to create a sustainable lifestyle. Among ways to practice mindfulness: learning to enjoy what you are eating, and practicing not to use terms of guilt (good foods or bad foods) when it comes to food. “Rather than saying a certain food item is bad, try to reframe your mindset and think about it a different way,” Modell says. “Try asking yourself how will this food make me feel in an hour (or two hours), and if this food will give me energy, or make me feel tired later on in the day?” 

Modell is also in agreeance Josefburg’s approach to upping your water while embarking on any kind of weight loss journey loss, as she says that consuming water (alongside a high-fiber diet) can definitely keep you satiated throughout the day. However, she strongly advises against filling yourself up water just to lose weight, as calories are very crucial to human health. 

In short, Modell says that there are positive takeaways from Simpson’s diet. These include having three meals and a snack throughout the day (a great way to keep energy up and metabolism running efficiently, she explains), along with hydrating yourself with a sufficient amount of water. However, she reiterated the importance of remembering that just because a diet plan worked for a celebrity, doesn’t mean it will automatically work for you. Drastic weight loss can be associated with concerning low-calorie plans, she adds, which can leave you deficient in important nutrients. 

“In order to lose 100 pounds in six months, one must be on a very restrictive, low-calorie plan,” she says. “My concern with rapid weight loss is that if it is not done healthfully or sustainably, it might result in malnutrition or nutrient deficiencies, as a person experiencing it may not be meeting their nutritional needs.” Instead, she advises losing weight gradually by focusing on whole foods, eating enough calories to sustain your metabolism and body, hydrating your body and incorporating some form of movement into your life. Plus, you’ll always want to be remember to be patient with yourself, she adds, as drastic weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. 

“Small changes that take place over a long period of time are often more sustainable, so be patient,” she suggests. 

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