Exactly What Susan Lucci Eats In a Day to Get Her Fit Physique at 71

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After more than 40 years as the star of All My Children, Susan Lucci can officially be called a legend within the soap opera world. Plus, at 71 years old, the actress looks better than ever thanks to her dedicated Pilates routine and a healthy, wholesome diet. Luckily for fans, Lucci—who is married to chef Helmut Huber—recently divulged to Harper’s Bazaar exactly what she eats in a day to keep her fit physique in check.

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Just like the rest of us, Lucci starts each day with a dose of caffeine. “The first thing I do in the kitchen in the morning is put on a pot of coffee,” says Lucci, adding that she uses organic sugar and whole milk as her additives of choice. Then, she makes herself Greek yogurt topped with organic pumpkin seeds and lingonberries. However, on a cheat day, she likes to treat herself with eggs or blueberry pancakes.

For lunch, Lucci opts for foods that help keep her “fit and feeling good." So, instead of eating a bread-based lunch, she substitutes an english muffin with beefsteak tomatoes. As her toppings, she chooses slices of roasted turkey, avocado, champagne vinegar, olive oil and fresh mango.

Finally, for dinner, Lucci’s husband cooks salmon, broccoli and steamed carrots with a side of salad. “Salmon has a lot of great properties; it’s a superfood. It’s great for your skin,” Lucci explains. As a final touch, Lucci and her husband pour themselves a glass of champagne to drink with their dinner because “it's always good to have a little bubbly.” Considering all of Lucci's go-to dishes look absolutely delicious and she enjoys pairing dinner with some champagne each night, this is certainly a diet we can get behind.  

To watch the full video of all of Lucci's food choices, click here.

  • Jen
    Posted on

    She is 71. Can she please eat a slice of cake now. Her meal plan is under 1200 calories a day. How is this a healthy diet to encourage?

  • Zae
    Posted on

    Facelifts help!

  • Rachelle
    Posted on

    @A Reid- Will you let her live her best life. Nothing about that menu is unattainable, in fact it pales in comparison to even what I eat. Girls and young to old women need to be taught to stop looking to celebrities as their role models and look to those around them and most importantly within to discover what's going to make them happy. We can all live our best life if we focus and put our energy into that, instead of others. Best wishes!

  • Kim
    Posted on

    Way to be a hater. She obviously has some advantages over most, but healthy affordable eating is available to everyone at every age. Healthiness as a priority is what you make of it. Kudos to Susan Lucci for making health and wellness a priority in her life.

  • A Reid
    Posted on

    Ok....in what world is an English Muffin not bread ? And could we grasp the concept that Lucci may have inherited her slimness and extremely petite frame due to her genealogy and not just what she eats ? Eggs are protein and need hardly be included on a "cheat day". And oh gee, wouldn't we all love to have a chef/husband who cooks us a healthy dinner along with a glass of champagne ? Seriously NEW BEAUTY, when you source an article from HARPER'S and categorize it under "Beauty" what message are you sending to girls and young women ? Susan Lucci is a lovely women and in fabulous shape, but she also has the financial wherewithal to maintain all this and a career that demands she stay in glamorous shape.

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