These Gemstone-Inspired Glosses Use Light to Make Your Lips Look Instantly Fuller

Let's Just Get to the Point:
Using light-reflecting particles, this long-lasting, nonsticky lip gloss formula gives you the look of instantly plumper lips without having to step foot in a doctor’s office.

If You Want to Know More:
Lip glosses are having a moment. After years and years of a matte liquid lipstick–dominated world, sporting a high-shine wet look on your lips is officially back. And now, with tons of lip plumping options added to the mix, lip glosses are doing a lot more than they used to. But many lip plumping glosses contain mild irritants like cinnamon, capsicum (found in peppers) or menthol that cause your lips to temporarily swell to give the appearance of thicker lips and the routine irritation can be bothersome or damaging on those with sensitive skin.

Cue the new Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Lip Gloss ($36), a line of light-reflecting glosses inspired by gemstones that not only deliver a ton of hydration, but also give lips a boost of volume and dimension via key ingredients like light-focusing oil and contouring powder. Because I’m not a big believer in lip gloss in general, I really didn’t expect to become an instant fan of a product I wouldn’t usually reach for to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. But there’s always an exception to the rule, and these vibrant glosses lay to rest all of my fears of having a sticky, goopy mouth. They glide on smoothly and leave a dewy, glowy finish with the right amount of color and have the added benefit of making my lips appear fuller than usual, an effect you can see after just one swipe.

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Once I got past shock of wearing a gloss formula that actually conditions my lips like a balm, I was pleasantly surprised by the side effect of having Kira Kira–worthy lips that gleamed bigger and brighter than usual. And the vibrant, lusciuos color veiled with a sheer finish is just enough to give your lips a pop of kissable color. I also really love the fact that each lustrous shade was inspired by a different gemstone. For instance, the eponymous Rose Quartz is supposed to open and heal the heart, while Rose Pearl is inspired by pale pink amethyst, a crystal known for its calming properties. Whether you're into the healing power of crystals, plumper lips or just a shiny gloss that moisturizes your lips all day, this nourishing gloss is worth a try.