Your Three Biggest Blush Blunders

Blush can do wonders for your face. It defines your cheekbones (very important) and helps give you a flush of youthful color. However there are a few mistakes that some make with blush, so we've rounded them up to help you look your best. From the right placement for your face shape, to how much product you should use and which formula works best for your skin type, there is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect blush for your cheeks. We outline the basics in this video so you will never have a blush blunder again.

  • Toni
    Posted on

    Dandelion by Benefit is the most natural beautiful looking blush ever!

  • Jamine
    Posted on

    Absolutely loved this video, it helped me learn not only what face shape I have, but I will definitely be using the sponge blending technique tomorrow when I apply my blush, there was such a dramatic difference. so helpful, thank you!

  • Kelly
    Posted on

    I received my tarte blush in the test tube and absolutely love it! The color is great for day and night, very playful and fun! I can't wait to try out more tarte products

  • Stephanie Leopold
    Posted on

    I love the Tarte blush in the NewBeauty testtube. Its like you guys read my mind. I was just starting to look for a new fun blush and walah! Its there. I also liked the video tips above :)

  • Jen A.
    Posted on

    Love the blush and I also Love the lipstick - what color are you wearing? Is is Tarte as well? Where do I buy?

  • Stacey
    Posted on

    This video is super helpful - I never know which formula to choose - now i know - I am running out to buy Tarte, I already love their oil. Thanks for the tip.