Stop Acne With These Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips

There's a scary topic that needs to be addressed. Living in your makeup brushes are tiny germs and bacteria that grow over time and lead to break outs. That's why it's important to clean your brushes at least once a week. Watch this video to get tips on how to care for them daily with a makeup brush cleanser and how to give them a deep cleaning with face cleanser. Then enjoy acne-free skin!

  • Susanne Cuomo
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  • Ka Pao Lor
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    There so much to know about having clear skin. I never thought brush can cause acne. it's really amazing how much I can learn. I want to one day be an actress so it's really important to know how to keep my face clear and beautiful all the time. I want to learn all there is to having great beauty.

  • Lisa Di Caprio
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