Hair Extensions: How To Get Longer, Thicker Hair

Many women assume they have to keep their hair at a certain length as they get older. Either it becomes difficult to grow or they suffer from breakage and hair loss. That's why we went to The Private Room Salon in Beverly Hills to get tips on how to naturally help hair grow longer and try out the latest innovation in hair extensions. Get the answers in the video below.

  • Tina
    Posted on

    @Megan- yes, you can get naturally curly and wavy extensions. Best to have a thorough consultation before getting any extensions service.@Anonymous- As long as you get quality human hair, you should be able to style however you want, i.e. sraight or curly. Depending on how you care for them,and how fast your hair grow, they can last anywhere from 2-4 months. If the home maintainence and care is followed, you will have minimal hair loss. Extensions can help you grow out your natural hair.

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    Same question here, I shoulder length-curly hair and would love to get extensions but Im wondering if they offer them for my style hair and could they be straightened if I desired to do so? ALso how long do they last and what are the disadvantages of getting extensions. Any hair loss?

  • Megan
    Posted on

    Do they make extensions for girls with naturally curly/wavy hair? I would love to get them but the thought of blowing out my hair perfectly every single day is exhausting!