The Craziest, Most Unconventional Procedures Women Are Doing

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Gone are the days where a butt augmentation or lip fillers are considered to be off-the-cuff and a “little much.” What women are doing these days to fight signs of aging and get the body they want stops at nothing. Here, straight from the experts, are some of the craziest treatments being done, both on our shores and overseas.

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Butt Lifts Using Threads

Studio City, CA, dermatologist Gene Rubinstein, MD, says that threads and sutures for the face and body are becoming big business. “Face sutures are done here and there, of course—the procedure is definitely picking up steam in the U.S.—but now doctors are starting to perform butt lifts with threads. I’ve heard about it and it’s pretty crazy but it may just be the next big thing.”

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Right now, one of the trendiest procedures is the creation of dimples both on the face and body (namely the lower back). El Paso, TX, plastic surgeon Frank Agullo, MD, says that facial cheek dimples are favorable and even considered “sexy.” 

“The procedure to create dimples in those that are not born with them is simple and can be done with local anesthesia. Some patients request a dimple on only one side; others (and most patients) request them on both sides,” explains Dr. Agullo. A small incision is made on the inside of the mouth and a stitch is placed to create the dimpling of the skin. “Initially, the dimple is present all the time, but as the tissues heal, it only appears when the patient smiles.” 

For the body, dimples are also being created on the lower back, which is known as “Dimples of Venus.” Dr. Agullo says back dimples are becoming a common request and can easily be done during a Brazilian Butt Lift or lower back liposuction. “The only scar necessary is a 5 millimeter one within the buttock cleft or “crack.”

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Lasering Your Belly Button

Kim Kardashian West may have put the procedure on the map, but she’s not the first person to ever do this. Sure, pregnancy can leave the skin on and around the belly button less than taut, and more and more women are opting for skin-tightening lasers and treatments to firm up the skin. 

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Using Fillers to Create Under-Eye Bags

As crazy as it sounds, women in Korea have their doctors inject their under-eye area with filler to create a puffy, almost-baggy look. They feel that the look of under-eye bags equates to a more youthful and adolescent look. 

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G-Spot Fillers

One of the more unconventional ways to use filler right now is in the G-spot. “Whole I don’t perform the procedure, the idea is to inject filler (typically hyaluronic acid-based ones) under the G-spot to elevate it and make it more prominent to enhance experience and sensations,” says Nashville, TN, oculoplastic surgeon Brian Biesman, MD.

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Changing the Lines in Your Palms

Another crazy treatment that we just can’t wrap our heads around is altering the lines on the palm of your hands. In Japan, palm reading is a popular pastime, and some people even go so far as to have new lines surgically added to the their hands as a way to predict a better future. 

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Getting Botox in Your Shoulders

While this procedure hasn’t caught on stateside, another big aesthetic procedure that’s being done over in Korea is “Botoxing” the shoulders. A few injections of the neuromodulator helps to break up the appearance of bulky-looking shoulders in women. “The benefits of Botox just keeps on growing. Besides the reduction of wrinkles of expression, Botox has been used to reduce the size of muscle mass,” says Los Angeles plastic surgeon Peter Lee, MD. “Recently, the fad is using Botox on the trapezius muscle. Thick trapezius muscles can make the neck look short and the shoulders wide. Reducing the muscle bulk makes the neck looks longer and slimmer, and the shoulders narrower.”

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