Belly Button Beauty: From Outie To Innie

Some are born with it, and a few find themselves with it after pregnancy: an "outie" belly button.

Many women are uncomfortable with their navel's appearance. Even Kelly Ripa once had a magazine cover photo altered so her outie would appear to be an innie. But there's a surgical solution available to those who want a permanent change.

If you're unhappy with your outie, talk to a plastic surgeon about umbilicoplasty (also known as bellybutton revision). This procedure takes about an hour under local anesthesia (with or without sedation). There is little to no pain, bruising or swelling involved, and it can be performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck.

Have you had an umbilicoplasty? Are you considering one? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

  • Adria Soresen
    Posted on

    I used to have an outie as a kid, but my outie turned into an innie by the time I became an adult....How common is that? In other words, what percentage of people had an outie that turned into an innie belly button?

  • Flora
    Posted on

    I have a outtie coral looking belly button. I've never worn any short or clothe that shows my belly button. It is very emberasing and people think of me weird. I want to get the operation so bad but the price is too high. My belly button is my suffering.

  • Julia
    Posted on

    Not sure about pregnant women, but I can tell you as a high school student and even in to college, I was very self conscious about having an outie. I did not like going to the beach, playing volleyball or any summertime activity because I always felt embarrassed. I thought the boys would think I was too different or weird. I finally stopped caring, but this issue is real and it is nice to know there are surgical options.

  • Todd
    Posted on

    Why do so many pregnant women worry about their bellybuttons popping out?HONESTLY ladies,they aren't as unsightly as some of you think.I for one love to see a pregnant belly complete with an emerging button! I bought a copy of Alexa Garbarino's book of pregnant nudes called Ripe,and you should see all of the moms-to-be featured in there that have protruding bellybuttons.Some of the expecting women own quite large buttons,but you won't catch any of them trying to hide them because they're not self-conscious about them,and that's the way it should be.Try to look at it this way.If you're pregnant and your button pops,so be it,let it pop,don't stress over it because it's really no big deal.

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