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Bonding's a waist of money

Patricia S. said

My bonding is beginning to stain. I considered veneers but heard horror stories. At the cost of a just one veneer, I could never afford it, esp. upkeep.  I wish I had never gotten it done to begin with.  Overrated. 

guilty of using my teeth as tools

Albert L. said

 my teeth have cracked and chipped many times.. my dentist said it may be from using my teeth to open and pull things when i was younger. i have been good about not using them over the last few years, but now I am paying. Luckily I had a great dentist who suggested bonding to fix the chips and i couldn't be happier. I wish i didn't have to have any procedure but at least i got it fixed!

Easy and dramatic enhancement to a smile!

Jessi O. said

Often times I felt there was just too much gum and not enough teeth in my smile...I underwent a simple gum treatment called "gum contouring" that absolutely transformed my smile i am so much more confident now and i get compliments on my smile almost every day.

Botox for a gummy smile

Abigail E. said

I had an incredibly gummy smile and my doctor gave me a small amount of Botox to fix the problem. It was extremely effective and gave me a beautiful smile! who knew you could use it for this!

Gums raised

Anonymous Reader said

I had my gums raised going into college, and it was such a good decision! i started my freshman year off great and while it might sound silly, it really gave me the confidence to meet tons of new people and be more outgoing.

Maintaining your smile

Susie G. said

 My daughter a gum lift and she loves her new smile!! We are so happy with the results and despite it being pretty expensive I think correcting and maintaining your smile is really important in terms of feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.

smile makeover replaced a facelift

Sue J. said

At 60 I didnt want to have an invasive and painful procedure like a face lift... I finally found a doctor that was willing to give me a smile makeover and its exactly what i needed.it actually have the effect of a facelift and gave me a younger look overall! ask your dentist what you could do to get the same effect!

Considered my entire mouth with a smile makeover

Sandra H. said

I found that the best way to maintain your smile is to focus on white teeth & healthy gums.  I chose to redo my smile with a smile makeover and although it was expensive, it was worth it. I would recommend asking your dentist about your entire mouth and not just certain parts that you are sure need fixing.

Costly implants

Francesca S. said

 I spent over 20,000.00 2 years ago on implants. (5 teeth) But I guess they beat dentures. I just wish there was a better solution because that was not an easy expense. 

Braces then maybe veneers

Anonymous Reader said

I had braces and whitening when i was young and I still have a great smile. Now recently I decided to get a couple veneers to adjust my small smile but they were so expensive! I think i probably couldve just been happy with my smile. i didnt realize i would need more than one veneer and how much each would cost until i was already too deep in the process!

Dental implants stopped shifting

Greg L. said

I recently went to the dentist because a couple of my front teeth were shifting. he said that even if i got braces, my teeth would continue to shift later on anyways. he told me i would actually need  dental implants. I took his word for it and it was a great decision. My  my teeth no longer shift and i didnt have to be a metal mouth for any period of time!

Smile Makeover with a great doctor

Barbara H. said

 i decided to have a smile makeover and it changed my iife.  find a great doctor like i did who knows how you can combine different procdures to fix even just one issue. make sure your money is well spent!

Complete life saver!

Cost: 300.00 in Jupiter, FL area

Erin F. said

Bonding was an instant life saver! I chipped my front tooth on apple one Monday morning and thanks to a quick trip to the cosmetic dentist and some bonding no one was the wiser. The chip was small and according to my dentist bonding was the best solution. Because the chip was jagged it needed to be filed but novocaine was not necessary. When the bonding was applied there was no pain just some pressure as the dentist made sure it set correctly. The entire process was about 40 minutes for my small chip. I avoid eating sticky, hard and chewy foods with my front teeth as a precaution, and after a year, the bonding is holding up well.

i love my new smile

Theresa Q. said

I always felt I had a gummy smile but i also had some teeth that were worn. i couldnt decide what i should do first but  my doctor recommended a couple procedures including a gum lift as well as   crown replacements for the teeth that were damaged. He said it would be easy to do them at the same time and he was right. The overall affect totally changed my look and I smile without thinking people are staring at my imperfections.


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