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Sexy at Every Body Size Angelina Jolie

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Time for a pop quiz: What’s the sexiest body type? (Cue Jeopardy music.) Give up? The truth is, there really is no “perfect” type. You can be healthy, sexy and gorgeous with any shape.

How and where we store fat is genetically determined at birth as is the “body type” that we are destined to have throughout life. La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Lori Saltz, MD, says, “Some women are ‘apple shaped’ and carry weight in their hips and abdomen while others are ‘pear shaped’ and carry their weight in the butt and thighs. The distribution of fat remains fairly consistent as our weight goes up and down. Areas that are problem areas will always be problem areas, regardless of how much weight is gained and lost.” And the only way to correct fat in these areas is with surgery, says Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Randall Haworth, MD.

And what looks good on one body type does not necessarily translate into “attractive” on another simply because you have to take into account a host of factors, including height, weight, body mass index (BMI) and natural curves. Take Angelina Jolie for example. She has an approximate BMI of 18 and because of her frame, she could stand to gain a bit of weight, says Chicago plastic surgeon Julius W. Few, MD.

Click through this gallery of celebrities who all portray healthy bodies (some carry more weight than others), and still look healthy and beautiful due to their proportions. Also, get tips on how you can spot treat stubborn fat and enhance your natural body shape with certain treatments or procedures.

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Eva Longoria: Approximate BMI 19

“Eva has a petite frame with athletic curves, making her one of the more attractive women in entertainment. The proportions balance well for her,” says Dr. Few.

Longoria works out a lot, which helps her stay so slim. To slim your entire body as a whole, a mix of cardio and strength-training moves work best. Going quickly from one move to the next keeps your heart rate up so you can burn calories and fat. Strength training cranks up your metabolism for a sexy, lean silhoutte.

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Stacy Keibler: Approximate BMI 20

“Her thin, long figure and full breasts and hips make her very curvaceous and sexy. She has the ultimate Barbie-doll look,” says Pepper Pike, OH, plastic surgeon Lu-Jean Feng, MD.

If you’re looking for a fuller chest to even out a pear shape, breast augmentation is an option. Longer lasting than push-up bras, breast augmentation relies upon either silicone or saline implants placed under, in between or even over the muscle to add size, shape, proportion and cleavage. You can also use fat to get bigger breasts. According to Nashville TN, plastic surgeon Pat Maxwell, MD, the idea of fat for augmenting breasts is becoming more and more popular, “It’s a new technology, and there’s no regulatory approval in the U.S., so the technique is not yet standardized. But it may be a great option for those that want to only be about one cup size, at best, bigger,” he says.

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Cameron Diaz: Approximate BMI 20

Diaz has “long legs [that] contrast her athletic figure and hips. She has a beautiful, athletic body with just enough curve definition to be feminine,” says Dr. Few. If you have an athletic build, but a little extra on the sides, or have love handles you want to get rid of, CoolSculpting utilizes cold to safely freeze fat cells without injuring the surrounding tissue. “It’s very effective for minimally getting rid of fat noninvasively and is one of the biggest advancements in fat removal today,” says Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, MD. “The technology uses high-pressure suction to freeze the area like an ice cube tray. As it thaws out, the fat cells start to dissipate,” he adds. “When a fat cell dies it can’t regenerate so you’re essentially eliminating the fat from a trouble spot for good.”

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Kim Kardashian: Approximate BMI 21

Kardashian has curves for days. “Kim’s genetically determined body shape is typical of her Armenian background. She possesses an hourglass shape, reminiscent of movie stars from the golden age of Hollywood. Kim’s body type is a welcome, healthy role model for the average woman,” says Dr. Haworth.

One of her most talked about attributes is her rear. If you want a backside like Kim’s, natural filler in the buttocks can help round out your derriere. “If you want a more shapely backside and you have enough fat to harvest and place in the butt, this is one procedure that can produce super dramatic effects,” says Orlando, FL, plastic surgeon Armando Soto, MD.

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Kate Winslet: Approximate BMI 21

“Kate’s weight and figure has fluctuated over the years. Her slightly fuller figure is appealing because it is balanced and natural in presentation,” says Dr. Few. While she is a bit fuller, she shows off her legs and curves with confidence. Luckily Winslet looks pretty cellulite-free. If you have dimples in your thighs you want to fill out, adding fat to cellulite-burdened areas is, according to some doctors, a great way to get rid of it. Cellulite forms due to bulging fat pads that press against connective tissue. “Adding fat to the depressed areas gives smoother-looking skin,” says Dr. Soto. Anti-cellulite treatments may firm and smooth, but there’s something to be said about adding volume. Some experts feel that in order to get the best results, attachments under the skin—that causes cellulite—need to be surgically cut and released.

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Tyra Banks: Approximate BMI 22+

“Tyra is tall but is not genetically predisposed to being skinny. She is more of a mesomorph, with the average woman’s predisposition to gain weight. However, her height works to her advantage because any fat is more evenly distributed and less obvious,” says Dr. Haworth. She also has a nicely defined waistline, which gives her body good proportion. If you are looking to shrink your waistline, fat-melting treatments can work wonders on those areas that are hard to lose weight from, like the waistline. The newest innovation treatment (it just received FDA approval in September of 2011) is LipoSonix, a 60-minute doctor-administered treatment that makes use of high-intensity focused ultrasound to permanently destroy fat right below the surface of the skin.

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Christina Hendricks: Approximate BMI 22+

“Christina is a beautiful, full-figured woman with double D-sized breasts, a thin waist and curvaceous hips. She has the voluptuous look of a large-breasted woman,” says Dr. Feng.

If a tummy is your problem, you can slim the waistline with liposuction. Dieting as a whole causes weight to be lost across the entire body. But when you want to spot treat a specific area, like the back, thighs, tummy and even butt, liposuction is the way to go. “Fat removal has come a long way since its inception,” says Dr. Fisher. “And even with all the different type of technologies available—laser liposuction and VASER liposuction—it’s the surgeon who’s performing the procedure that’s the most important in terms of good end results,” adds Dr. Fisher. 

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