National Aesthetician Day: Top Skin Experts Share What to Ask Before a Treatment

National Aesthetician Day: Top Skin Experts Share What to Ask Before  a Treatment featured image

As we celebrate National Aesthetician Day, the quest for radiant, flawless skin has never been more accessible. Whether you’re looking for a youthful glow or tackling specific skin concerns, the guidance of a skilled aesthetician can make all the difference. To help you navigate the world of skin-care treatments we’ve gathered exclusive insights from some of the country’s most sought-after aestheticians who cater to celebrities and work in prestigious aesthetic practices. Here, they share their expert tips for what to ask your aesthetician during your first appointment to help ensure you’re on the right path to glowing skin.

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Amy Peterson, Medical Aesthetician

“One important question to consider: How do you determine which treatments are best for my skin? Once an aesthetician provides a recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask ‘why?’ Understanding their choice of devices or modalities is crucial. Additionally, inquire about their qualifications and background in aesthetics, as it varies from one professional to another.”

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Celebrity Aesthetician Iván Pol, The Beauty Sandwich

“Your aesthetician should guide you on repairing your skin’s barrier function and providing essential fatty acids and cholesterol to lock in moisture. That’s why I created SAUCE. It seals in the nutrition the skin needs.”

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Celebrity Aesthetician Nerida Joy

“During your initial appointment, ask your aesthetician what they see when examining your skin through the Maggie lamp. This is an important question because I would want to know that the aesthetician is seeing and addressing my own personal concerns that I have with my skin. This also would help me feel confident with my facialist knowing she has pinpointed areas of concern and is about to address them in this facial treatment.”

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Milena Naydenov, 111SKIN’s Global Head of Aesthetics

“It’s crucial to inquire about your aesthetician’s qualifications and specialization. Education and training vary, and some may specialize in facials while others are trained in various devices like lasers.”

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Celebrity Facialist Lord-Gavin McLeod Valentine

“The number-one question to ask an aesthetician before treatment is quite simply to ask questions. Ask them what they see and feel about your skin, allow them to guide you and honor and respect the professional expertise that they have to share.”

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Shiri Safarti, Licensed Esthetician, and Executive Vice President of Repêchage

“First and foremost clients should ask for their aesthetics license and make sure it’s current and valid. It should be displayed in their cabin or spa by law. A bonus is finding an esthetician that holds a CIDESCO diploma—this is like a masters degree in advanced aesthetics and a mark of high aesthetic standards. How they sanitize their implements is very important. Make sure they utilize an autoclave to sterilize after each and every client. The most important part of a facial treatment is the sanitation guidelines implemented in the salon and verifying these are going to ensure you have a safe and hygienic treatment that won’t cause breakouts, or worse, other skin infections.”

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Alex Hernandez, Esthetician, and Lead Educator at Face Reality

“A great first question to ask is ‘why are you passionate about skincare and treating clients?’ You’re going to be in very close proximity with your esthetician—it’s one of the few professions where the service provider touches your face. It’s important that you feel you can trust and feel comfortable with them, and this is a good initial question to get a vibe for who they are and why they chose to do what they do.”

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Valerie Gilbert, Aesthetician at Andrew Smith MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“Inquire about your aesthetician’s style of treatment and don’t forget to shield your skin from the sun after your appointment.”

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Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech

“Some good questions to ask at your first treatment are what are you seeing as you analyze my skin? Are there certain lifestyle choices that affect my skin negatively or positively? How often should I come back for regular treatment?What should I be doing at home to maintain results? Of your skin concerns, what problems should I address first and what is the main thing you should address during this appointment? What long term treatments are good for my skin? Tell them your skin-care routine and ask for any changes you should make.”

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Gillian Dionisio, Medical Aesthetician at Asaadi Plastic Surgery

“Remember, what you do at home is as important as in-office treatments. Using medical-grade skin care and SPF daily will enhance your results. Your treatments and home care go hand in hand.”

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Luba Samrick, Medical Aesthetician at The Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

“Customized regimens are essential; understand your skin care–journey’s stage, whether you’re just beginning or looking to enhance your current routine.”

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Tammy Sutton, Aesthetician at Bellissimo Plastic Surgery

“Ask about the facial treatments best suited for your skin goals. Trust your aesthetician’s advice and work towards a more beautiful and confident you.”

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Aeri Lee, Aesthetician at Dermatology, Laser, and Surgery of Flatiron

“Start by asking what skin-care regimen suits you best. With countless products on social media, it’s vital to find what’s right for your unique skin.”

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Marci Pastel Rellas, Aesthetician at Del Mar Plastic Surgery

“Begin by inquiring about your aesthetician’s background in aesthetics, ensuring their experience aligns with your needs.”

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Sabrina King, Aesthetician at Joseph A. Russo, MD

“Your health history, prior treatments, skin-care regimen, goals, and expectations are all crucial to discuss. Building trust and understanding the journey ahead is essential.”

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Bentley B at Garramone Plastic Surgery

“One thing I think every client should ask an aesthetician is what they can be doing at home to maintain their results from an in-office treatment! At home care is the most important thing someone can do to reduce pigment, reverse aging, and correct any other skin-care concern they have!”

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Colleen Shimamoto, Licensed Aesthetician at For the Face Plastic Surgery

“When it comes to skin care, the one question I believe everyone should ask their aesthetician during their first visit is whether a 12-step routine is necessary for them. My philosophy is rooted in customization. It’s essential to understand your lifestyle, your unique skin concerns, and, most importantly, what you can consistently commit to. For me, the bare minimum comprises three fundamental products: a zinc or titanium-based sunscreen, a topical vitamin A (which can be retinol or prescription retinoid), and an antioxidant like vitamin C. These fundamental products form the foundation of a proper skin care routine.”

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Celebrity facialist Tammy Fender

“At a first facial treatment, I would want to get a sense of my esthetician’s overall philosophy—are they about the quick fix, or the long-term health of your skin. Asking questions like, ‘what do you envision as the long-term arc for our work together?’ or ‘what do your clients appreciate most about your work?’ and ‘how is your work different from the work of other aestheticians?’ can help start the conversation. For me, feeling in alignment with a practitioner’s overall integrity is important. I work with clients in body, mind, spirit and through the skin, and the clients who receive the most from our work together are very open to a lifestyle-based approach that might mean making some subtle—or big—changes. It’s a holistic approach, including sleep, diet, and stress reduction, and while it achieves truly remarkable results, it’s not a path for everyone.”

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Ashley Walk, Clinical Aesthetician at Mays Plastic Surgery

“What I think would be most important for a patient to ask their aesthetician is the results they can expect from the treatment they are about to receive or the plan being made for them. I believe in building trust and think it’s very important for patients to have an understanding of their full treatment plan and how I am working to get them to their desired skin goals!”

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Kristin Rogers, esthetician at AESTHETX

“When I meet with a new patient, I think it is imperative they first share their skin concerns and expectations with me. I encourage patients to ask me about my treatment philosophy, helping them better understand my immediate and long term intentions for their skin. This includes educating them on a customized procedural plan and at home skincare regimen. The best way for me to achieve their specific goals, is for us both to have clear expectations of what my new patient desires for their skin.”

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