Easy Ways to Keep Your Mouth Clean, According to Seven Cosmetic Dentists

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Despite spending more time lounging at home, life somehow manages to keep us busy. Amidst all the chaos, dedicating time to our oral care routine falls behind on our list of to-dos, but these top cosmetic dentists are here to show us easy ways to get it done, plus a few products that will help us out along the way.

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“Those who are beauty and health conscious know their smiles deserve the same attention as their skin and hair, but flossing your teeth isn’t always enjoyable. I recommend Cocofloss ($9), a luxury dental floss designed to change the flossing experience. Cocofloss comes in flavors like strawberry and mango, which are more like fragrances that leave your mouth feeling clean, not fruity. It is noticeably more fibrous than typical floss and you can feel the scrubbing taking place. Best of all, the threads are coated in coconut oil which is naturally soothing to the gum tissue.  We all have small ways we splurge for self-care, and this floss is well worth the long-term benefits it brings.”

—Powell, OH cosmetic dentist Neal Patel, DDS


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“My first tip is to minimize snacks, especially sugary or acidic ones, and brush every time—yes, every time—you put food in your mouth, unless that food is celery or cucumber. Bacteria sticks to your teeth within 20 minutes of your teeth being exposed to sugary substances, releasing destructive acids and toxins. 

Secondly, drink water throughout the day. This will not only directly rinse your mouth but it will keep your saliva thin so it can do a better job of cleansing your mouth continuously. 

Lastly, always breathe through your nose. If you find that your lips are frequently apart, you are likely also breathing through your mouth. Mouth breathing dries out your mouth, making your saliva viscous and inefficient at cleansing your mouth. This creates an environment conducive for bacterial growth which increases the likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.”

Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic dentist Katherine Ahn Wallace, DDS

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“Good oral hygiene is simply accomplished by proper brushing and flossing. One of my favorite product to easily achieve this is Cocofloss ($9), which is infused with coconut oil and has textured filaments that aids in scrubbing the teeth surfaces, helping to remove plaque easily. I personally enjoy using this floss.

Secondly, Oral-B iO Series 9 Electric Tooth Brush ($300) with micro vibration and oscillation is my all-time favorite tooth brush. The round brush head design mimics the professional dental polishing device I use at my practice. It also has AI technology that recognizes one’s brushing style and lets you know where you need to brush better. It is like having your dentist with you!”

—Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Marjan Mirani, DDS

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“Flossing properly after meals is ideal, but if you have to compromise, flossing after lunch or dinner will do the trick. Be careful not to ‘guillotine’ the gum tissue that grows between your teeth, especially in your anterior teeth, because it can create unattractive black triangles in your smile.

There are several products that can really help with daily oral hygiene if used each night before bedtime. First, use Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator ($98), which cleans between your teeth and helps to remove any food particles and harmful bacteria left after flossing. I also add a small amount of Listerine into the warm water. Then, toothbrushing can begin either with a manual brush (if done correctly) or by rotary or ultrasonic. The Rotadent ProCare Toothbrush ($112) has soft bristles that gently remove the plaque around the gum lines of the teeth. After electric toothbrushing, I use a Nimbus Toothbrush ($17) with either Fluoridex or Clinpro5000 Extra Strength Fluoride Toothpaste to help prevent decay.”

Implementing this in my everyday life requires dedication to spending the time each evening to do the steps. The secret is to have a small T.V. in your bathroom and watch one of the Jimmys: Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon.”

Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald Goldstein, DDS

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“I recommend brushing and flossing at least two times per day. Most importantly, do not skip out on visiting your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

For maintaining a clean mouth, I like TheraSol Oral Irrigant ($40), which was originally designed as a professional strength, highly substantive mouthwash. Despite its strong antimicrobial properties, TheraSol is extremely mild with none of the harsh, burning sensations associated with some brands of commercial mouthwashes. This will also keep the breath smelling fresh.”

Houston cosmetic dentist Guy Lewis, DDS


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“My go-to product for maintaining a clean mouth is the Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush ($150). It cleans so much more efficiently than a manual toothbrush. It also helps to preserve the health of gums by using a pressure indicator that adjusts when you are brushing too hard. It’s an all-around great product to have for a healthy, clean mouth.

Just like anything else, habits take time to form. That being said, I always recommend patients simply continue good dental habits even if they are rushed, tired, late or uninterested. Consistency is key in keeping your mouth clean!”

—Chicago cosmetic dentist Nathan Hoffman, DDS

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“My trick for maintaining a clean mouth is using a good electric toothbrush and brushing for a full two minutes. While there are a lot of great toothbrush brands out there, the tools are not as important as proper home care and consistency. If you don’t have the time to keep up with a proper oral-care routine, you can both floss and brush while watching T.V. or working to ensure you’re spending enough time to execute both of these important tasks properly. Humans only have one set of adult teeth and those need to last your entire life!”

—Wellington, FL cosmetic dentist Sam S. Sadati, DDS 

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