Jenna Dewan Reveals the Exact Workout She Uses to Get Such Incredible Legs

Photo Credits: Rena Schild/Shutterstock

With a body as toned as Jenna Dewan’s, we’ve always just assumed her workout sessions were intense, but now that the 37-year-old actress has uploaded a full video of her gym routine, we finally know for sure just how hard she works out.

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Giving fans a teaser to her video, Dewan posted a short snippet to her Instagram account, captioning the post, “Late night gym sessions with @iamjjdancer are NO JOKE,” adding that fans can watch the full workout video on YouTube.  

The quick tape shows Dewan beginning with a warm up on a miniature trampoline. Then, the star does barbell hip thrusts to work the lower back, hamstrings and glutes, followed by yoga ball tuck ups for an abdominal workout. For an additional leg-toning workout, Dewan adds barbell lunges and barbell deadlifts.

“I’m officially dead,” the actress says at the end of her workout, and we can certainly understand why. After all those heavily-weighted moves, anyone would feel beyond exhausted. For a full visual of Dewan's tough exercise routine, view the entire workout video for yourself, below: