Editorial Video Director
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Anna Jimenez Lyle is the Senior MultiMedia Editor for NewBeauty Magazine where she produces and stars in cutting-edge digital video for NewBeauty Live, an interactive community with live video content featuring interviews with top beauty experts, celebrities and product demonstrations. As a force in the beauty industry for over a decade, she keeps millions of viewers entertained, informed, and of course, beautiful. 

Best Piece of Beauty Advice: Drink water. No really, lot¹s of it. Not only does it flush your body of toxins which improves the appearance and clarity of your skin, but it helps you burn calories. Researchers consistently find that adults who consume eight or more glasses of water each day burn significantly more calories than people who only drink four or less. Bottoms up!

Regimen: To me, the most important products for perfect skin are: mild cleansers, SPF, retinoids, and quality moisturizers or face oils. I cleanse twice daily, apply SPF in the morning and at night apply retinol and a good moisturizer, and that’s it. 

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