Everything to Know About AirSculpt®, the Fat-Removal Procedure That Rivals Lipo

Everything to Know About AirSculpt®, the Fat-Removal Procedure That Rivals Lipo featured image
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Fat-removal procedures have come a long way since their inception. In previous years, these kinds of procedures—particularly the traditional liposuction surgery—used to be majorly invasive and warranted a lengthy recovery. “With liposuction, someone is scraping out flesh; a liposuction cannula is a cheese grater attached to suction,” explains the founder of Elite Body Sculpture, Dr. Aaron Rollins. “It will take out fat, but it’ll also scrape your muscle and your dermis. So, you’re kind of using a broom to paint someone’s portrait instead of a fine paintbrush.” Luckily, the days of hefty recovery and iffy results post-surgery are over thanks to AirSculpt®, a form of laser-assisted fat removal that eliminates most of the major downsides that are often associated with traditional liposuction.

Unfamiliar with this game-changing procedure? Don’t fret, we break down everything there is to know about AirSculpt®, including its benefits and exactly how it’s performed in the first place. Plus, we’ll also clue you in on AirSculpt®’s sister treatment, AirSculpt® Smooth.

What is AirSculpt®?

“AirSculpt® is a way to remove unwanted fat anywhere on the body, from the chin to the ankle, while you’re awake,” says Dr. Rollins. “It uses no needle, no scalpel, and no stitches.” During this procedure, your provider will first begin by numbing the area. Once you’re numb, your doctor inserts a tiny laser probe and a cannula into two-millimeter-wide holes. “[The hole is like] a pinhole, and it closes on its own,” says Dr. Rollins. “That’s why there’s no needle, scalpel, or stitches, and that’s why we can do it while you’re awake.”

While the laser probe is inserted, the heat melts and kills fat cells, making them easy to remove. The cannula then suctions out the liquified fat. “We’re literally plucking out individual live fat cells one at a time, but hundreds of thousands a minute,” explains Dr. Rollins.

Even better? Only one session is needed for drastic results to be visible, and your results are permanent. Plus, the procedure only takes about an hour and a half but can be even quicker for smaller areas.

Who is the ideal candidate?

According to Dr. Rollins, almost anyone is a good candidate for AirSculpt®, but it’s best for those with stubborn fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. “Our motto is: If you can pinch it, we can take it,” he explains. “If you have nothing to pinch, then we’re not the right place for you.”

That said, this procedure is not ideal for those who have visceral fat, which is fat that is found deep within the abdominal cavity and surrounds the organs. This type of fat cannot be “pinched.”

How is AirSculpt® different from liposuction?

The most notable difference between AirSculpt® and liposuction is that AirSculpt® is more precise. Since the technology is much less invasive than traditional liposuction, it also comes with less pain and downtime. “Almost every single patient, including fat transfer patients, are able to go back to work or childcare the next day,” confirms Dr. Rollins. “You see immediate change the day of [your procedure], you see a more profound change in 48 hours, and in three months, you have your full result.”

Are there any risks that patients should be aware of?

This procedure is considered a safe and effective option for fat removal. That said, there are a few potential complications that patients should be aware of. Bruising and swelling are normal after treatment but will resolve on their own after about a week. Infection is also a rare possibility, along with potential burns from the laser’s heat.

What is AirSculpt® Smooth?

Under the Elite Body Sculpture umbrella is another impressive treatment called AirSculpt® Smooth. This option is a cellulite-reduction procedure that delivers long-lasting results after a single treatment. It works by using a small razor to slice the septa, which are the connective fibrous bands that tug down on the skin and create dimpled skin. Once those bands are cut, the skin lifts upward, and a smoother-looking appearance is revealed.

“This is really for people with deep cellulite,” adds Dr. Rollins. “If people just have some crepey, lumpy skin, I would not say that they’re a good candidate for this. It’s great for someone who has a real dimple, like a defined crater.”

The bottom line

Ultimately, if you’re thinking about undergoing a fat-removal procedure, AirSculpt® is an important pick to consider. Not only do the impressive results speak for themselves, but the minimal downtime is a major draw as well.

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