The Male Skin-Care Revolution: Exclusive Insights from NewBeauty Readers

The Male Skin-Care Revolution: Exclusive Insights from NewBeauty Readers featured image
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In a groundbreaking study of NewBeauty readers, we delved into the world of male skin-care through the eyes of our dedicated readers.* With more than 1,400 participants, predominantly women, we unearthed compelling insights into the evolving landscape of skin care for men—including its profound effects on relationships and physical attraction.

The Rise of Male Skin Care

Of women who have a male significant other in their life, 59 percent of these men are actively engaged in skin-care routines, challenging conventional stereotypes.

Among male skin-care enthusiasts, moisturizer emerges as the holy grail, with a staggering 81.9 percent incorporating it into their daily regimen. Following closely behind are cleansers (80.1 percent) and facial SPF (58.7 percent), underscoring a growing awareness of the importance of sun protection and basic skin-care maintenance among men.

Brands That Dominate the Landscape

Unveiling the brands favored by significant others, our survey identified CeraVe, Neutrogena, and Kiehl’s as frontrunners in the male skin-care domain. With CeraVe leading the pack at 32.6 percent, followed by Neutrogena (27.5 percent) and Kiehl’s (25.2 percent), it’s evident that accessibility and efficacy play pivotal roles in brand preference.

Shopping Habits

From pharmacies and drugstores to e-commerce giants like Amazon, our respondents divulged their preferred shopping destinations for skin-care products. Pharmacies and drugstores emerged as the top choice, capturing 42.5 percent of the market, reflecting the convenience and accessibility offered by these outlets. However, the allure of online shopping can’t be ignored, with Amazon capturing a significant 39.2 percent share of the market.

The Role of Women in Male Skin Care

A staggering 78.2 percent of respondents admitted to purchasing skin-care products for their significant others, further highlighting the influence of women in shaping male grooming habits. Brands like CeraVe, Kiehl’s, and Jack Black top the list of purchases, with CeraVe leading at 34.2 percent, followed by Kiehl’s (31.1 percent) and Jack Black (29.1 percent).

The Impact on Attractiveness

Delving into the realm of physical attraction, our survey uncovered intriguing insights. While traits like good physical shape and straight/white teeth remain important, healthy skin emerged as the most coveted attribute, capturing the attention of a significant 74.9 percent of respondents. This reaffirms the transformative power of skin care in enhancing confidence and attractiveness.

Redefining Masculinity Through Skin Care

As the skin-care industry continues to evolve, fueled by changing perceptions of masculinity and beauty standards, our survey offers a glimpse into a transformative journey. From empowering partners to redefining attractiveness, male skin care transcends traditional boundaries, paving the way for healthier, more confident individuals.

*Source: BeautyEngine Advanced Research, 2024

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