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Vein Treatments


Average Cost: $150-$1,000

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Asclera results didnt last

Trish F. said

the varicose veins on my legs were beginning to really affect me. a friend of mine had the same problem and suggested asclera injections. Unfortunately they did not have even remotely the same effect on me and i wasted my money. I guess the problems my friend had were different frm mine (maybe different kinds of veins or maybe her doctor treated her veins differently than mine) but i dont recommend this procedure based on my experience. the veins seemed to look better at first but over time they returned entirely.. if not more noticeably.

highly recommend!

Cost: 400 in area

Gladys H. said

I was skeptical about lasers at first but  tried a treatment for reducing the appearnace of dark veins. I am impressed. I had varicose veins and they basically vanished within a couple treatments. highly recommend! (They were a little pricey though but worth it in the end!)


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