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Skin Tighteners


Average Cost: $175-$4,000

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Thermage on face - didn't see result

Cost: 1850 in VA area

A Colton said

Had thermage done in VA, the dr and staff were great, BUT, I didn't see results on my face. I had this done twice over 2 years, and would not do it again, its a waste of money. However Titan seems to work, though not dramatic like facelift, I do see some result, plus Titan is much cheaper, I got it for $175 per session.

What a rip off!

Rachel C. said

I wish there was a way to crack down on ineffective treatments like Thermage, I wasted soo much money on that treatment and there was absolutely no change in my skin!...what a rip off!

Waste of money

Geenie C. said

Skin tightener thermage was a waste of money. was told that I should see my full results after 3 months and it has now been twice that amount of time and i see no difference. i wanted to tighten skin on my face and neck but ended up just wasting a lot of money.

skin tighteners didnt really work on my neck

Monica L. said

I have used skin tighteners on my neck but still have wrinkles. I really should have taken better care of my neck when i was younger just as i had my face. heres my adfice Moisturize moisturize moisturize BOTH! The lasers  may have made a slight change but I ill probably have to decide to have a full neck lift when I get a little older. Dont waste your time with these skin tighteners.

If you don't need to shed fat, it works.

Anonymous Reader said

I had great results with Titan. If you don't need to shed fat, it works.

I recommend this to everyone.

Tracy S. said

I used Thermage on my legs a few months ago and had amazing results! there was a reduction in cellulite but i also think the  overal size of my thighs is much smaller. Another great reason to try this treatment.. you only need 1 treatment! I wouold recommend this.

Necklift without surgery

Ginny B. said

I wanted to have a necklift but was afraid to go under the knife .I decided on some treatments that claim to build new collagen and rejuvenate the neck. I cant believe how different I look now that I had it tightened and nothing was invasive! It made me look years younger. I  support these treatments and recommend them if you are not happy with the way your neck looks 


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