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Chemical Peels


Average Cost: $2,500-$5,000

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Chemical Peels

Cost: 300-2000 in New York area

Claudio Pinto said

There is nothing wrong with Chemical peels - They are wonderful skincare treatments that can be tailored to all skin types, conditions and concerns. There are so many different types of chemical peels - there's one just for you! If you are looking for a freshen up treatment before that big event, kick start your skincare program or address the more severe skin damage. This is a wonderful treatment for all skin types.

Great Results

Cost: unknown in Boca Raton area

Shirley C. said

After years of struggling with Melasma, I was desperate to try anything that would improve the discoloration of my skin. I had tried endless amounts of products over the counter and prescribed by my dermatologist with little or no result. Although I was skeptical about chemical and laser peels, I was desperate to try anything. After a series of chemical peels followed with laser treatments, the stubborn spots finally faded. During the initial treatments of chemical peels, I experienced a lot of sensitivity and peeling but it was well worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Chemical Peel yeilded terrible results

Shannon V. said

I just had my first chemical peel 3 weeks ago and it will most likely be my last. My skin was burned (I guess the doctor used too high level of a peel) and my skin has yet to turn back to its original color. i have dark spots that the doctor said may not fade away for a very long time. i am very upset as i expected flawless skin and actually am left with the opposite.

Highly recommend.

Celene G. said

I just had a glycolic peel....my face  right after the treatment was all red and splotchy,like an awkward sunburn. after this however, I swear it seemed as if i had an entirely new face! it took about a week clear up but once it did it  was amazing. Highly recommend.

I love getting both chemical peels and microdermabrasion

Jane P. said

I absolutely love chemical peels and microdermabrasion. These are two procedures I couldn't live without!

Thank god for chemical peels

Cost: $150 (one peel, not micro or skincare) in New York, NY area

Amiee Lou said

About 2 months before my best friends wedding, my skin broke out BAD.  My jaw line looked horrific and I was mortified.  No type of makeup was covering this acne.  It was worse than when I was in Junior High School - and that was pretty traumitizing. 

I went to my dermatologist and begged for help AND put a strict timeframe on his help.  He not only was extremely understanding but was also considerate of what I was spending because honesty, I couldn't spend a fortune on getting my skin cleared up.  After all, I was in a wedding in less than two months and there was a ton of money coming out of pocket for that.  

He suggested a series of chemical peels with his aesthetician which worked wonders.  We did a combination of peels, microdermabrasion and medical grade skincare (which was cheaper than I expected).  By the day of the wedding, you would have never known.   I would HIGHLY recommend it and would go for another round of treatments the next time I need a freshened up look or help clearing my skin.

Chemical peels made my skin glow

Terry D. said

There are many ways to prevent hyperpigmentation, but I think chemical peels are the way to go. I hated how my complexion was so splotchy but regular chemical peels have really made a huge difference in my skins appearance. It not only got rid of hyperpigmentation but it reduced the appearance of most if not all of my acne scars and also sort of reduced some wrinkles. Now my skin is radient!

TCA Peels and Retin-A for my neck

Gweneth D. said

I have had mild peels on my neck in the "past" and had no bad reaction untl this last time that left me with patchy dark red spots and what looked almost like scabs. I now use Retin A for my acne and stay away from peels all-together.

Swelling and blistering from chemical peel

Janet T. said

 i decided to have a chemical peel just to see if it could maybe make my freckles less obvious. I should have never been so adament about getting rid of the freckles because my skin peeled, swelled and even blistered after the peel. maybe my doctor put it at too intense of a treatment but regardless it was but it was a nightmare. I will never try it again and I have learned to love my freckles.

chemical peels for neck and hands

Julie O. said

after a couple chemical peels for my face, i found out i could also have the peels done on my neck and even my hands. it improved the sun damage spots along with hyper-pigmentation. it even helped reduce some of the wrinkles in those places! i recommend everyone give it try!

i couldnt live without these procedures!

Anonymous Reader said

I like to have a peel performed first and then wait a couple weeks before having  microdermabrasion .  Afterwards, I try to keep my skin as hydrated as possible. i couldnt live without these procedures!

The peels burned my skin!

Michelle P. said

I thought a peel could help my acne scars. i was so wrong..  it actually made them worse. My skin was burned and even infected for an incredibly long time after and now Im left with discolored skin. stay away!

My peel made me look so young

Sandra A. said

The doc said  I could see results within just one week but I would’ve never imagined how great my face would look after a month with this chemical peel! My skin looks younger and I’ve gotten soooo many compliments on how refreshed my skin appears. 


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