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Average Cost: $3,000–$8,000

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Cost: $5,000 in Fort Lauderdale area

Lori Castle said

I had a fabulous experience with Dr. Zoran Potparic...excellent resuts

Well worth the money!

Cost: $6000est. in Rhode Island area

T C said

In the early 90' s I decided to get some plastic surgery in order to remove the two "angry" lines between my eye brows. Once the surgery was scheduled I was surprised to learn it was actually an endoscopic brow lift. The surgeon made a tiny incision above each brow in my hairline in order to carefully cut the proper muscles. Now it is 2013 and I am 55; most people (brave enough) to guess my age tend to guess I' m in my mid-40' s as it has held up quite well. Another benefit of course is that the procedure left me with a smooth unwrinkled forehead. I was VERY pleased with the results and glad I had it done!

You don't need tons of surgery to look refreshed

Rhonda H. said

I decided to have a simple brow lift and I have absolutely zero regrets. my eyes are more noticeable, my brows are where they are supposed to be, and my entire face is much more symmetrical. During my recovery I had very little pain and just a bit of bruising.

Quick recovery!

Jane P. said

My upper eyelids were drooping with age. I decided to have a browlift as well as fat transfer to my cheeks. It completely rejuvenated my face and was the easiest recovery! It really improved my look and I think it even helped my eyesight!

Better than Botox

Kristy A. said

I had a brow lift because my friends and family told me I was looking extremely tired and angry lately. I had tried to fix it with botox but was never satisfied. There was minor pain after the operation which went away within a week and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Terrible mistake

Halley C. said

Don’t get a brow lift. I have had terrible side effects since the day of my surgery (my forehead has maintained this odd itching sensation which wont go away!) and it was years ago! While my face does look better/younger than before the surgery, I would rather have lived with my natural aging then have these side effects years later.


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