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Average Cost: $125-$900

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Differin works

Cost: N/A in Sunrise, FL area

Amy S. said

Right before my best friends wedding, my face and jaw line broke out worse than when I was a teenager. My dermatologist suggested trying Differin and it really did work. My skin is sensitive and didn't handle Retin-A well so I was shocked when I didn't have adverse reactions to the medication. I would definitely suggest asking your Doctor about it, if you're battling adult acne - it could be a solution.

Little improvement, but not much

Noel R. said

I was on Solodyn for a couple odd months for  acne and  saw a a bit of improvement, but not alot. I'm usually a very happy person with lots of eneergy but for some reason this medication made me extremely depressed and irritable. I didnt change anything else about my lifestyle so it had to be the medication. maybe it depends on the person taking the medication but it definitely gave me this side effect so maybe check with you doctor before you jump into using this treatment.

No one would know I didn't have naturally perfect skin

Sammy G. said

I had terrible adult acne and I started blue light treatments and it totally saved my face skin. I will never use anything else for breakouts. They are a bit expensive, but it works so well that that i would never stop using it. I get a million compliments on my skin now and nobody would know I hadnt always had this naturally perfect skin. 

have not seen ANY results

Pauline G. said

I am currently getting LED treatments, and I have not seen ANY results.I tell you though, I am highly disappointed as I, have read and heard so many great succuss stories. I am wondering if is the type of machine they use. Anyway, i will have the next three done, I am fairly confidant that I would've seen something by now.

Was disappointed

Diana W. said

I had the light treatment and was disappointed based on the effects depending on who administered the service. I will buy another competitor type led light that has effective penetrating nanometers, made in USA and ck warranties for the value of your return. Do your research; you don't have to be licensed or certified to administer these LED treatments and the rocket-science invention is sold in various devices that seem to work - I have been experimenting and comparing. You can buy them outright, just pick the one your like and call the company.

if anything it's worse..

Ben Q. said

I've been using  solodyn for about 3 weeks now and my face hasn't changed at all. I actually thnk if anything it has actually worsened.

Peels and Microderm Work Great For Acne

Cost: $80 in Oakland, California area

Patty L. said

I have cystic acne and have literally tried everything--from over the counter creams to prescription meds. I recently started getting microdermabrasion treatments or chemical peels every couple of weeks and I have noticed a huge difference. It has really changed my life.

Try Microdermabrasion for Acne

Cost: $100 in Fort Collins, Colorado area

Joan E. said

If you have moderate acne, try microdermabrasion treatments. I had one treatment to treat the white bumps and redness on my face. After treatment, my skin felt extremely smooth, and two days after the procedure, all the bumps were gone. It was quick, painless and completely worth it!

results have been great

Shaefer W. said

I had been taking  solodyn acne treatment for 3 months and the results were fabulous in regards to my skin but i think its making me not unhappy and acting weird.  i told my mom that i was feeling depressed and that i didnt even feell ike waking up.  solodyn works for your skin but im not sure its great for your mental state. be careful with this one

amazing results after a 30 minute session

Mary D. said

I've personally seen the best results after just a half hour of usinglaser treatment for acne. The costs per treatment  are a little high but hopefully we will soon be able to do this by ourseleves at home!

I'm thrilled with the results

Jen P. said

I had  hormonal acne all down my neck, cheeks and chin. my new dermatologist put me on solodyne and I have to say it seems like a miracle drug! I had tried just about every different facial cleanser but only this did the trick!

Slow change

Shannon F. said

I have been using retina-a for 3 weeks now and have seen only a slow change. When I saw my dermotologist I counted a great deal of whiteheads and some cysts. There are some side effects but after one day my skin got used to it. I do get a little restless when I take it but thats why I take before getting into bed.

Solodyne has its pros and cons

Jenn A. said

I have been usuing Solodyne. It is now my second month of using the treatment and i have noticed a change in my skin. I dont have any new pimples. Oddly though, Since i started taking it ive started to become  moody and  depressed (which i never was in the past.) I thought it was just a phase from not working out as often and not eating as healthy as I used to. Im still not really sure if its frm the medication but I guess I need to report that symptom to my doctor. But I do feel the medication is helping clear up my skin.

By far the best treatment.

Melanie G. said

I had really terrible cystic acne so decided to try red light acne treatments.  Everytime I used it, the redness was significantly lowered , and my skin was much much brighter. the shine went away and it helped heal my pimples much quicker than any acne treatment i might have tried before. I have less white and black heads now as well as less cysts. I've tried 30 different skincare lines over a number of years and this is by far the best treatment!

Retin-A for acne and (surprisingly) wrinkles

Polly M. said

I was having trouble with breakouts  as i grew older. i was having a harder time keeping my stress  down.  I was under the impression that  lasers and medications were the same for everyone  but my dermotologist suggested that I try Retin-A topicals. Boy was he right! Whenever i would usually get a breakout I was suprised to find my skin staying clear and beautiful! and another benefit .. it reduces the appearance of my wrinkles! both of these are due to stress and both are fixed by Retin-a! 

Retin-A did the trick

Frances Y. said

I have oily and acne prone skin. I've tried just about every product out there. I just discovered Retin-A and am so impressed!!! I had a seriously terrible breakout since last month that wouldn't subside. But my dermatologist gave me this amazing treatment and it worked perfectly. i couldnt believe my eyes and even my friends and family had something to say about how much better my skin looked. Dont give up because Retin-A might be the solution to your problems!

Retin-A doesn't reduce pore size

Emmy A. said

I have been using Retin-A for a years to fight my acne. While its good for getting rid of acne, it doesnt, unfortunately, reduce my pore size too. (which i was told it would!)

Retin-A is the best thing for my skin

Ashley F. said

 I use it Retin-A for my acne and am sure to moisturize often. My skin is soft, no longer oily and I have not had any flare-ups (even when I have my period!) . I am an advocate for retin-A and would recommend it to anyone who has stubborn acne just like i used to. It changed my life. 

Isolaz cleared my skin!

Vicky H. said

I had had terrible acne since i was in grade school. I tried every medication but nothing seemed to work. I thought it would get better the older I got, but it never did. Finally I decided to get Isolaz and it worked like a miracle. my skin cleared up within weeks and the acne hasnt come back in years besides maybe couple breakouts which my doctor said were typical.

Cystic acne only calmed by blue light

Anonymous Reader said

 I got cystic acne when I was pregnant with my 3rd kid. My doctors originally said it was from hormones but after he was born, they said my hormones were not back to normal because i was nursing. My son is now over 20 and I still have random problems with my skin that can only be fixed with blue light therapy.  I know cystic acne is  more severe than normal acne but blue light is the only treatment that calms. I still get pimples sometimes from stress but this procedure has saved my face. my downtime and redness is about a week to 10 days and my skin peels. While post-treatment side-effects are inconvenient, one should expect that with any kind of skin procedure. 

love my new skin!

Kelly A. said

Because of acne, I had bumpy skin and over-sized pores. I also suffered from hyperpigmentation all over my face and no medication could solve my problems. I finally got laser treatment per a suggestion of a friend. My skin was initially a reddish color after  but it went away in a couple hours. Every day my skin cleared up more. It was amazing. I had a couple more sessions on different parts of my face and am so happy how my skin looks now. I highly recommended this procedure! 


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