Tayshia Adams on Her Before-Bed Rituals and Favorite Drugstore Moisturizer

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Tayshia Adams on Her Before-Bed Rituals and Favorite Drugstore Moisturizer featured image
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Tayshia Adams may have made a name for herself as the first bi-racial woman to star as The Bachelorette, but in the three years since her small-screen debut, the 31-year-old mogul has proven to her almost two million Instagram followers that she’s so much more than a contestant looking for love.

Along with partnerships across the auto, wellness and fitness pillars, Adams most recently partnered with UK-based skin-care brand No7, a perfect fit for the jet-setting, bi-coastal beauty guru.

How did this partnership with No7 come about?

“It happened pretty organically. I was recently in the UK, and with traveling, I may have put my priority into my shoes as opposed to all of my skin care and I forgot to pack some key players like my moisturizer and my sunscreen. When I got there, I noticed I didn’t have it, so I decided to hop into one of their local drugstores, Boots. There were so many products in there, but in the corner of my eye, I saw a huge display for this brand called No7.

I had recognized the brand, but it wasn’t something I had used before. There was actually a consultant at the No7 counter, so I went up to her and just started asking questions and fell in love with some of their products and especially the Lift & Luminate Day Cream ($27). It was perfect for me because it’s super hydrating, which is something that I was looking for, but it also had sunscreen. So I was able to get both products that I needed in one affordable, really incredible product. So that’s kind of how this all started.”

Have you always been passionate about beauty and skin care or did your time on The Bachelorette heighten that?

“I’ve always been really passionate about it. I think with skin care, especially for different ethnicities, it’s really hard to find brands that work with your skin. Especially in the beauty space with foundations and all that kind of stuff. I’ve always been really particular with what I use on my skin from a very young age because I do have sensitive skin. So what worked for me was not what worked for my friends. It’s always been this really individual trial-and-error process.”

What does your current skin-care routine consist of?

“I have my essential serums that I like to use, followed by an eye cream and obviously my Lift & Luminate Day Cream that has sunscreen, and then that’s really it. Then onto the makeup!”

What are your makeup favorites?

“Growing up, my parents actually did not really want me to ever wear makeup. So when I did start wearing makeup, my mom was like, ‘Well, we’re gonna go get you something that’s going to actually match your skin tone.’ And so I became a Bobbi Brown Girl at the age of like 14 or 15 and I was finally allowed to buy one product. And so I will kind of go back and forth between that and other brands, but Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 8.75 is my tried and true. That’s my shade, girl. I love the NARS concealer. The Bobbi Brown bronzer is amazing. And yes, I do have bronzy skin already and I still wear a bronzer. People have a really hard time understanding that. But who doesn’t want to look glowy?”

Do any in-office treatments enhance your skin-care routine?

“I have used lasers in the past. Unfortunately, my doctor is out in California, so I try to plan that when I am there. Now I’m doing it maybe once or twice a year, every six months. A laser facial really just helps the texture of my skin, but also keeps my breakouts at bay because I have  really sensitive skin. So that’s why I also like finding really good products that are cognizant of that and are noncomedogenic.”

How do you find time for self care and wellness with your busy schedule? What does that look like for you?

“In the little free pockets of my day I definitely have some non-negotiables. Especially when I’m in my routine in New York, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 a.m I have an hour blocked out to workout and my team knows that. Those are the things you can’t really compromise on because it allows you to be your best self and gets your mind right, so I prioritize things like that. 

I try to wake up about an hour before I need to do anything just so I can make my coffee and I love to do a little bit of reflection and meditation. I do my Jesus Calling [devotional] every morning and I journal a little bit and kind of have my own thought process. I also love to run around the city. 

I’ve recently started doing this thing on Sunday nights where I give myself about half an hour, I shower and light a candle and turn down the lights, and I do a little stretch for 30 minutes or so. I feel like it just really allows me to decompress, but sets a good tone for the next day. After that I can put on a mask and do whatever I need to do. I think getting your mental state in the right place is the most important thing you can do for yourself.”

Any other before-bed rituals?

“I’ve been taking a little bit of magnesium before bed. I don’t do it all the time, but it helps with your body recovery and muscle soreness and all that kind of stuff. So especially when I’m working out a lot, it’s really important for me, and it also just gives me really good sleep and you don’t feel groggy in the morning. 

Have you ever just showered and moisturized your entire body? I’m talking head to toe and I mean every toe. It is magical. And your body just feels so good. I don’t know. It’s really, really important. I love the lotion from Chantecaille and Soap and Glory has a really good one too. So just doing little things like that I feel really just transforms you. That is self care to me—you find it in the little things that make you happy. It’s amazing.”

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