Serena Pitt Shares Her Secrets to Nailing No-Makeup Makeup—and the Skin Care She Shares with Joe Amabile

Serena Pitt Shares Her Secrets to Nailing No-Makeup Makeup—and the Skin Care She Shares with Joe Amabile featured image
Brandon Taylor

You probably fell in love with Serena Pitt on season 25 of The Bachelor or season seven of Bachelor in Paradise, just like her fiancé Joe Amabile. After deciding to leave The Bachelor while she was in the top four, she ended up finding someone to share a life, and skin care, with on Bachelor in Paradise. Pitt had a sparkling reputation within the franchise, which isn’t always easy with cameras following you around during your biggest highs and lows. During my own one-on-one date with Pitt, we discussed her new partnership with Pantene, forming bonds on The Bachelor, maintaining clear skin and more.

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise have a very unique format when it comes to forming bonds. You’re known for being someone everyone wanted to be friends with. Can you tell us a bit about navigating that landscape and the bonds you formed?

“The first season I did was definitely very new and exciting, and it’s not necessarily easy to navigate because it’s just such a different world. The way I decided to go about it was just, as cheesy as it sounds, to be myself. I mean, I think that’s the only thing you can really do in such a crazy, wild environment.

Going into Paradise, I kind of had the same mentality, but I definitely found it easier just because I knew what to expect. I was used to being mic’d up in the morning and the cameras being there and the producers so you just have stronger bonds with the people that work on the show.

In terms of friendships, I’ve made a lot of really good friends from the show. I met my fiancé on the show. That side of things has been amazing too. When you go on the show, you don’t really think about the friends that you’re going to make from it.”

Were there any products all the girls used on set?

“On my season, we weren’t in the Bachelor mansion. So it was just me and Rachel in a room together, but I do remember everyone sharing pimple patches with each other. I feel like they were the trend of the moment. Everyone had pimple patches that they were sharing, like the star ones or the clear ones.

A big thing we would do was nail parties if you weren’t on a date and you were just chilling at the house that day. I know Rachel brought dip polish, Abigail had shellac with a full UV light machine. It was intense. People took their nails very seriously.”

Do you share any of your skin care with Joe, or does he do his own thing?

“Joe is all about skin care. He loves his skin care. He’s all about taking care of himself—which I find very attractive. He’s all about the anti-aging skin-care routines. A friend of ours, Natalie Joy, actually just recommended the Kora Turmeric Moisturizer ($60) to him and a cleanser that I can’t remember the name of, so he uses those. He uses the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid ($122). He was using all of mine, so I finally bought him his own.”

Your hair always looks so healthy. What are your curly hair secrets?

“I think I’m very blessed with some good hair genes from my mom, who has naturally very curly hair and keeps it super healthy. I guess I’m lucky with good hair. My main thing, to be honest, when it comes to looking for products, is products that are going to protect my hair from damage. I don’t color my hair a lot, I get highlights about twice a year, but I still like anything that’s going to repair that damage and keep my hair strong because I feel like that’s going to help it grow longer and I also hydrate it because, obviously, curly hair needs a lot of moisture and hydration.

I love the Pantene formula in the Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo ($5) and Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment ($6). It’s currently my hair secret. Damage control and repair are my biggest things when looking for shampoos and conditioners. I also think the bottles are super cute. I dressed to match them, and it smells amazing. Unfortunately, you can’t smell it through this article, but just trust me, it smells very luxurious.”

You’ve perfected the no-makeup makeup look with really natural-looking makeup. Can you share anything you use?

“I’m obsessed with natural-looking makeup. Even when I go full glam, I tend to go with more neutral tones. In my day-to-day, my secret is [using] creamy, hydrating products. I just started getting into tinted moisturizers. Tower 28 ($30) has a really good one, ILIA has an amazing one ($48), and a damp beautyblender just gives it that kind of effortless, dewy look. And then just enhancing what I like on my face. I like my eyebrows, so I fill those in just a little bit, not over the top or too dark, and just match my skin tone and keep it fresh and hydrated. I feel like that also comes from having a hydrating skin-care routine. Oh, and then the Charlotte Tilbury spray ($35). It’s a dream.”

You shot Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. How did you keep your skin clear and hydrated in the new climate with different water and stressors?

“I always love getting compliments on my skin because I’ve had such a journey with acne and Accutane in my life. Going into that kind of climate, it’s so hot. You’re sweating. I really wore very minimal makeup during the day. I don’t think I wore any foundation. Actually, during the day, it was all just concealer very light natural makeup to keep my skin as clean and hydrated as possible. It was really just a vitamin C serum, an under-eye cream, a gentle moisturizer and a gentle cleanser, just kept it as basic as possible. Then sunscreen like three times a day.”

Oh my gosh. I can’t imagine getting sunburned and then being on national TV.

“It’s so hot though—you almost want to be in the shade the whole time. I love the sun, but because you couldn’t just jump in the water because you have mics on, and there’s no AC anywhere, so if you get overheated you’re screwed. I was very much a shade goddess.”

What wellness techniques did you use to stay centered while filming Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise?

“The first season, I did a lot of journaling. I’m not really a journaler typically, but it just was the best way that I could take time alone and reflect. Also, it’s really hard to confide in people because everyone’s new, you’re meeting them for the first time, and you’re all dating the same guy. I’m not going to go to Rachel and be like, ‘I’m stressing out. I don’t know what to do.’ And producers, I felt it easier to confide in them on Paradise because I had existing relationships, but they’re still people that you’re getting to know.

On Paradise, I did find it a lot easier. I confided in Abigail all the time. I mean, we would take walks on the beach, we would get ready together in the mornings, and I really trusted her, and she was a great support system for me and me for her because I also got along with Noah well, and she got along with Joe so she was kind of my confidant on the beach.”

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