Pinterest Predicts the Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2017

We look to Pinterest for so many trends, whether we're planning a wedding or searching for the best eye shadow tutorial. Not only is it the ultimate resource for inspiration, but it also has the ability to track trends and predict what might be popular in the future. Here are the top five beauty trends Pinterest anticipates will reign supreme in 2017.

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Chrome Nails 

This new trend takes the mirrored mani of 2016 to the next level. The intense level of shine is something you've got to see for yourself.



We saw this trend pop up in the spring of 2016, but according to Pinterest, it's really going to take off in the new year, with more and more women making it their brow treatment of choice.


Cut Crease Makeup

This new technique—it's used to define the crease of your eyelids by "cutting" across it with a dark eye shadow that doesn't get blended out—blew up this year, but Pinterest predicts it's going to stick around in 2017.


Charcoal Masks

Charcoal has been on the beauty scene since 2014, but its popularity hasn't wavered. If anything, it's gained more momentum as of recent, with more beauty brands than ever including a charcoal-based formulation in their skin care lineup—and apparently, there will be even more to come.


Ash Balayage Hair Color

New hair color trends have been everywhere this year—we saw rose gold, tiger eye, and the latest one, ash balayage, which has really taken off. The ombré look is dark roots and silvery ends with an ashy-blond color in the middle.