7 Surgeons Reveal the Secrets to Fooling People Into Thinking You Never Got Surgery

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When good results are what you are after, take into consideration all the information your surgeon offers up. Here’s what seven top doctors tell their patients to do so that they look totally natural post-surgery, leaving everyone guessing if you had work done or not.

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Change up your hairstyle.

“One of the best tricks I tell my patients to do is change their hairstyle and color a few days before surgery and not let anyone see it. After surgery, everyone will assume that the hair, not the surgery, is what’s making them look younger.” 

—Colleyville, TX, facial plastic surgeon Yadro Ducic, MD

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Look to old photos for inspiration.

“I have my patients bring in pictures of themselves from 10 years ago, which lets me assess the features that are unique to their face and what I would not change (even though they may be asking for a change). I discuss the importance of nasolabial folds (lines from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth) because some people are born with deep lines and I try not to fill them in completely because they add character and personality. Once those lines are lost, it can give the appearance of looking plastic.”

—New York facial plastic surgeon Dilip Madnani, MD

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Preserve the fat.

“Performing surgery on the eyes can look unnatural when it’s not done properly. If a patient has naturally full eyelids, that volume needs to be preserved—only excess volume that has developed should be removed. I pay very close attention to the position and symmetry of the eyelid crease, as well as the amount of fat and skin that needs to be removed, as this creates a refreshed and more natural look.” 

—Westfield, NJ, oculoplastic surgeon Baljeet Purewal, MD

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Don’t discount the importance of fat.

“One of the best-kept secrets in achieving natural results is the use of fat. Performing fat grafting before any incisions are made to the facial tissues in a facelift can help patients heal faster.”

—Houston plastic surgeon German Newall, MD

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One procedure can’t fix everything.

“We have all seen facelifts that look unnatural and odd, giving plastic surgery a bad name. In order to get a natural-looking result, volume, skin laxity and texture need to be taken into consideration. As we age, volume diminishes, skin laxity increases and skin texture changes. To achieve a harmonious and natural look, each facet needs to be addressed—one technique cannot be relied upon to accomplish it all. To restore volume, I use fat or fillers; to address laxity, a facelift is done; and to improve the texture of skin, a C02 laser gives good results. By using these modalities conservatively, natural results can be achieved, which will have everyone thinking you look great without knowing what you’ve had done.” 

—Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra, MD

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Follow your doctor’s orders.

“I always stress that patients follow all the guidelines they are given for recovery and not try to push themselves to do too much over and above what has been discussed. Giving your body the right amount of time to recover leads to a more natural healing process. Creating natural looking results is my end goal.” 

—Mt. Pleasant, SC, plastic surgeon Jack Hensel, MD

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Mix in noninvasive options.

“I guide patients toward procedures that will give the enhancement and/or rejuvenation they desire, but with a natural look. With the advent of lasers, fillers and neuromodulators, facial rejuvenation can now be done noninvasively. These fillers can be used in combination to treat multiple areas and create a ‘wow’ result that is still natural.” 

—Northbrook, IL plastic surgeon Benjamin Schlechter, MD

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