Celebrity Breasts: Fake Or Fashion-Taped?

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Fake or Fashion-Taped? Fergie

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From curve-hugging fabrics to plunging necklines, looking great in bold fashions necessitates a good foundation and the right amount of bare skin. And while a great bra or fashion tape can do wonders for natural breasts, those sincerely unhappy with their bust size or shape may find surgery the best solution. When going the surgical route, Concord, CA, plastic surgeon Eric Mariotti, MD says, “I always tell my patients that before surgery they may find a lot of clothes that they can’t wear, but afterward they can happily show off their body instead of hiding it.”

And for many celebrities, keeping up appearances on the red carpet often means going under the knife. But it’s hard to tell, especially in Hollywood, if bigger bustlines are from the help of a good bra or a good doctor.

When singer Fergie decided to take her career solo, the former Black Eyed Pea frontwoman appeared more buxom than in the past. Although she has neither admitted nor denied going under the knife, her now perfectly round and well-projected breasts suggest she may have either had a breast enhancement or filled out from weight gain.

Those who want permanent improvement with breast shape and size should consider breast implants, a procedure that relies upon either silicone or saline implants placed under, in between or over the muscle to add size, shape, proportion and cleavage.

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Wondering if actress Jennifer Lawrence has had plastic surgery? Although this 22-year-old’s breasts appear larger in a lower cut dress, it’s unlikely Lawrence has had a breast augmentation. The difference seen in these photos is something that “could easily be attributed to undergarments that push the breasts together or even things like duct tape,” says Dallas plastic surgeon William P. Adams, Jr., MD.

If you lack natural cleavage, a good fitting bra is the best place to start. The right bra—be it a push-up, lifting or reducing bra— can improve your bust shape and instantly improve how you look in your clothes. “When it comes to choosing between implants and wearing a push-up bra, it’s all about quality of life and the naturalness of the result,” says Dr. Adams.

If planning to wear deep-V garment, choose a bra designed specifically for plunging necklines like Fashion Forms Convertible U Plunge Bra ($28), which also helps to lift and shape your breasts. 

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When British recording artist Cheryl Cole arrived in the U.S., there was some debate about whether her assets were natural, especially after flaunting seemingly perfect cleavage appearance after appearance. The jury is still out as to whether Cole was blessed with a perfect bust or if she opted for surgical enhancement, but there’s no denying the right proportioned breasts can help you fill out any neckline.

In a dress like Cole’s, the goal is not necessarily giving the impression of bigger breasts or achieving lift, but rather baring skin without mishaps. Fashion tape or styles with built-in side support are best when wearing a bra is not an option.

But if your breasts sag or sit too low and you’re not content with their positioning, there’s no reason to shy away from low cut tops or fashions that don’t allow for a bra. A breast lift can reposition the breasts by tightening the tissue and transposing the nipple. “Some women just want their breasts put back to a higher position, like where they used to be,” says  Kirkland, WA, plastic surgeon Sarah McMillan, MD.

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While Amber Heard’s breasts appear to have increased in size from one photo to the next, she may simply have naturally large breasts and the right undergarment.

Like Heard, some women are lucky enough to be born buxom. But if you’re breasts are too large for your frame, they may become a burden both physically and when it comes to fitting into different types of clothing. “Creating pretty cleavage isn’t as easy as you think. The more the chest bone protrudes away from the body and the more laterally located one’s breasts are to begin with, the less cleavage that can be created. The positioning of the breasts dictates the amount of cleavage on the chest,” explains New York plastic surgeon Alan Matarasso, MD.

A breast reduction can eliminate pain and frustration associated with large and undefined breasts. It’s important to note, however, the excess fat and tissue are removed through an incision that leaves a scar from the nipple to the crease of the breast and/or a circular scar around the nipple. Some plastic surgeons prefer to reduce the breasts with liposuction given it leaves less extensive scars. According to Dr. Matarasso, however, this procedure is not for everyone. “There needs to be the right amount of fat, which can only be determined by a plastic surgeon who knows what to look for. If the breasts are glandular it won’t be a success,” he says.

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Famed for a toned tummy and lengthy legs rather than a busty upper-half, actress Cameron Diaz rarely falls victim to plastic surgery gossip. However some recent photos of this fit celeb may hint to breast enlargement surgery.

Whether Diaz chose to boost her cup size or not, only one thing is for certain: If you wish to undergo breast implant surgery, it’s important to discuss with your doctor the appropriate size and profile for your body. “I see a lot of women who seek breast augmentation even though they take very good care of themselves with diet and exercise and have great figures. Patients tell me even a modest augmentation allows them to feel more feminine in some cases.” says Las Vegas plastic surgeon Mike Edwards, MD.

To achieve the most natural look, La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Reza Sadrian, MD, says that breast diameter, as well as the profile, shape and positioning of the implants, needs to be taken into consideration. “Implants should fit the body appropriately. If they are too big for your body’s natural diameter, the implant will stick out at the sides, be too high up on the chest and just look too large overall,” he says.

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Envied for her voluptuous curves, singer Leona Lewis has dismissed rumors about undergoing breast enlargement surgery. Her bust size, however, remained unchanged after she dropped several dress sizes in 2010. No matter how the reality TV winner managed to maintain her best assets and a slim waistline, there’s no doubt Lewis knows how to bare just the right amount of cleavage.

Had a breast enlargement but still want an extra lift? A push-up bra, whether with padding, underwire, or both, may still be worn. When shopping for a pushup bra, Nethero says that both small-busted and fuller-busted women should look for the same things: proper size and tasteful cleavage (one inch of center definition between the breasts).

While it is safe to pair your implants with a push-up bra, don’t wear one too soon after your surgery. According to New York plastic surgeon Tracy Pfeifer, MD, it’s best to avoid the extra boost because “you could possibly push the implant out of its pocket and out of place.” Usually after three or six weeks to three months, depending on your individual procedure, your plastic surgeon should give you clearance to wear any type of bra. However, while safe to wear, it is not recommended you wear an underwire bra everyday if you’ve recently had breast implant surgery.

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Actress Kate Winslet is known for embracing her natural assets. In fact her support for the au natural look drove her to form the British Anti-Plastic Surgery League. Along with a few other big picture names, this knockout celeb apparently vowed to never undergo plastic surgery; making it unlikely she owes credit to a surgeon for her cleavage.

One way to get natural looking breasts like Winslet is by using your own fat. According to Nashville, TN, plastic surgeon Pat Maxwell, MD, the idea of fat for augmenting breasts is becoming more and more popular. “It’s a new technology. But it may be a great option for those that want to only be about one cup size, at best, bigger,” he says.

Just as fat grafting works in the face and rear, fat is first removed via liposuction. It is then washed and reinjected in very small amounts to the breast. But according to La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD, “The procedure is very controversial, and there is concern about the long-term safety and efficacy.” Like any plastic surgery procedure, be sure to do your research before settling with one.  

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Actress Kristin Chenoweth went from smalltime Broadway singer to big screen star. So did her breasts have a similar “upgrade?” Whether it was her bust that grew or just her confidence, this emerald chiffon bustier dress proves the petite blonde has no trouble taking the dive.

But, even if you’re confident enough in your breast size, and shape to wear this cleavage-revealing style, you don’t want to draw the wrong attention because of blemishes or discoloration. A blue light treatment can kill bacteria and heal chest acne with typically no downtime. You may also want to consider fractional resurfacing, which allows for softer, more even textured skin and a boost in collagen production.

Whatever method you choose to improving the look of your breasts, whether it be with a pushup bra, implant surgery, fat grafting, or a breast lift, it can help boost your self-confidence and make you feel more beautiful both on the inside as well as on the outside.    

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