Top Breast Experts Share What We Can Learn From Celebrity Boob Jobs

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Top Breast Experts Share What We Can Learn From Celebrity Boob Jobs featured image
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Fashion tape, Photoshop and makeup artists who double as magicians make it hard to tell who in Hollywood has opted for breast augmentation and who hasn’t—and, as Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Leo R. McCafferty, MD reminds us, when the procedure is entrusted to a board certified plastic surgeon, it makes it even harder to tell. “The best celebrity breast augmentation and revision is one that’s undetectable,” he says. 

Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Tim Sayed, MD agrees, adding, “some of the more aesthetically well-done and balanced breast augmentations are the ones where you ask, ‘did she get them done or is it a really good bra?’” 

Celebrity images can offer valuable insights and guidance when considering breast augmentation decisions in several ways. Firstly, they provide visual references for different breast shapes, sizes, and proportions, helping individuals envision their desired outcomes and communicate effectively with their plastic surgeon about their aesthetic goals. Secondly, by seeing the results of breast augmentations on celebrities, individuals can assess the outcomes in real-life contexts and understand how various implant sizes, shapes, and placements may look on different body types. 

We tapped some of the top plastic surgeons in the country to comment on both rumored and on-the-record breast augmentations and revisions. Below, the cases they believe can show what to expect with breast enhancement procedures. 

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Kaley Cuoco is a good example of someone who has been open about the feminine enhancement and boost in confidence she received with a well performed but not too extreme breast augmentation,” says Dr. Sayed.

“Her breasts look very natural, with a gentle sloping of the upper breasts,” adds Vero Beach, FL plastic surgeon Jimmy Chim, MD. “Her augmentation also doesn’t travel past the outer borders of her chest on the sides. These elements make for natural results and with classy curves without the clear tell-tale signs of surgical intervention.”

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Rady Rahban, MD says Halle Berry is a great example of a natural-looking breast augmentation. “Her breast augmentation fits her frame,” he says. “For her stature and her dimensions, her breasts are reasonable in size: Her cleavage is not obnoxious, her breasts are not projecting and the upper parts are not unnaturally round. So I think by and large she has one of the nicest outcomes.” 

New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD adds: “Her breasts fit her frame and the fact that they are not overly done give her a more natural appearance.”

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For patients who are looking for a fuller aesthetic, with a more voluptuous look and body balance, Campbell, CA plastic surgeon Kamakshi R. Zeidler, MD says at the top of the list is Emily Ratajkowski. 

“The balance of curves from the breast to the hips is important,” explains Dr. Zeidler. “The side lines of the body are also important—side boob—and of course the cleavage is chic, understated, natural-looking and yet still full and round which comes together for a perfect individual aesthetic.”

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Dr. Rahban says Kate Hudson‘s augmentation is one of the best in Hollywood because “the size that she selected is appropriate for her frame. People are not thinking it’s impossible that they are her own,” he says. “Hudson’s breasts appear very natural without any of the tell-tale signs sometimes seen in augmentation, such as excessively high riding breasts and obvious upper pole fullness,” says New York plastic surgeon Craig Baldenhofer, MD.

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Not all celebrity breast augmentations are shiny gold examples of what to ask for at your surgeon’s office when in the market for a natural-looking result. “The issue with someone like Gwen Stefani is because she started out with no breast tissue, I think her augmentation was overzealous,” says Dr. Rahban. “They’re too projecting, they’re too round and their too full in the upper area, making them look unnatural,” he says. “That doesn’t mean that they don’t look pretty, just less natural.”

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Jaime Pressly “looks like she is better endowed now,” says Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon Leslie Stevens, MD. “Before she had a boney sternal area and now she doesn’t.”

For those that might want to chalk the new fullness up to motherhood, Dr. Stevens says that added volume like this is unlikely from pregnancy. “Most women don’t gain volume after pregnancy, they suffer atrophy.”

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Reality star Audrina Patridge has denied rumors of breast augmentation, saying that her changing shape is due to a bone condition in her chest, but Dr. Stevens believes she has had a major increase in breast volume over the past couple of years.

“On a breast augmentation you want to consider proportion and size. Women that are petite and thin [like Audrina] aren’t going to have big, giant chests naturally.”

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Nicole Richie seems to have had an influx in breast volume. “They look good, and they don’t look unnatural,” says Dr. Stevens, who believe the star did indeed undergo breast augmentation.

If you are considering augmentation and want soft, full-looking breasts, Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Douglas L. Hendricks, MD suggests “patients avoid tight wrappings and bandages after surgery, so that from day 1, the implant has freedom to move. That, coupled with a few simple exercises, can go a long way to ensuring a natural look and feel.”

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Singer Christina Aguilera, who is rumored to have undergone a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation (where the implants are placed through an incision in the armpit to avoid scars on the breast itself) has never commented publicly on the topic of breast surgery.

“The primary option for enlarging the breasts if one doesn’t want a visible scar is to go through the armpit. However, no one can guarantee how a scar is going to look and the phrase ‘invisible scar’ is an unrealistic concept. Almost all scars on the body are forever visible. They may not be obvious but you can expect at minimum a pink line for a few months that will change to a white line forever,” says New York plastic surgeon David Rapaport, MD.

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LeAnn Rimes, whose body has been under press scrutiny since her teen stardom, looks to have undergone augmentation, says Dr. Stevens. “The breast appear to be falling,” he continues.

Why does this happen? “She may have had the implant placed on top of the muscle,” notes Dr. Stevens.

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Dr. Levine says Kelly Rowland’s result is another great example of a proportional, natural look.

The best way to get a good result is to find a surgeon who is well trained in breast surgery. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with augmentation will most often give the best opportunity to get a great result,” says La Jolla, CA plastic surgeon John D. Smoot, MD.

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“I love Sofia Vergara’s results as she appears simply stunning and her implants don’t overwhelm her gorgeous face,” says Vero Beach, FL plastic surgeon Alan Durkin, MD.

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While a breast surgery has not been not confirmed, Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD says Alexandra Daddario’s ample bosom has patients requesting implants that give them the same curvaceous shape and size. “It’s all about looking natural and proportional to your body,” he notes. “Our motto is the best plastic surgery is in patients or people you can’t tell have had it!


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A great example of a breast reduction is Ariel Winter says Pittsburgh, PA plastic surgeon Jeffrey Antimarino, MD who went from a 32F to a 32D. “With any type of breast surgery, the shape and volume of the breast should match the body,” he explains. “In Ariel’s case she has good fullness, projection and the reduction corrected the bulky appearance and excess fullness to the outer edges of the breasts. A breast reduction can narrow the breasts and give the patient a more slender appearance with less bulk.”


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