This New Mirror Targets Your Flaws, Prints Out Makeup to Fix Them

Move over magnifying mirrors, Panasonic just dropped the ultimate “smart” mirror—one that takes goes WAY beyond just matching you with your perfect foundation.

As reported on by Engadget, the futuristic concept (it’s still just a prototype), which they discovered at Panasonic's concept booth at CEATEC in Japan, has the ability to take the guesswork out of what kind of makeup you need to apply to cover up imperfections.

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The deal: The mirror scans your face, makes the call on what kind of makeup you need, then prints out something that's sort of a piece of paper (similar to a patch) of foundation and concealer for you—in a mere two minutes. According to Engadget, the machine works by detecting flaws (think wrinkles, spots, sun damage) and delivers the data to a makeup printer, which spits out the corresponding makeup shades to match to your skin tone.

UGLY. Here's everything that's wrong with my face. (According to Panasonic.)

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While this won’t be a fancy compact of makeup colors that comes complete with a brush (the testers compare it to an almost temporary tattoo you apply to your face and you need to spray water on the patch to get it to stick to your skin), it is a pretty revolutionary step in the makeup-matching game.