Sephora Just Majorly Updated Its Rewards Program

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Each new year brings inevitable change, and this year change is hitting Sephora in the best way possible. The beauty retailer has just announced that they’re updating the Sephora Beauty Insider program for 2019, and we can’t help but love the news.

The first change to Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program is that members of all three program tiers—Insider, VIB and Rouge—may now choose a free gift during their birthday month (this year, mini sets from brands like Drunk Elephant and Kat Von D Beauty are even available!). But that’s not the only change to Sephora’s birthday perks—special birthday benefits have been announced for VIB and Rouge members. These loyal customers can now choose from a third product option that’s available exclusively on the new, online Birthday Boutique. The product option changes throughout the year and customers are also offered the option of adding 250 bonus points to their accounts in lieu of the free birthday gift.

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Finally, personalized program bonuses are now available for VIB and Rouge members. Clients can choose one of three benefits for the new year: added points, shareable makeovers or free shipping. For those that choose points, Rouge clients may add 750 points to their account while VIB may add 500. For shareable makeovers, Rouge members can choose to share four Makeup Deluxe Full-Face Makeover experiences with friends (a $200 value!), while VIB members can keep or share two (a $100 value). Lastly, members who choose free shipping may get free 2-day shipping (for Rouge clients) or free shipping on orders over $35 (for VIB clients).

As you can see, it’s pretty clear that Sephora’s new offerings are about to make a big impact on those in their Beauty Insider program. It appears that 2019 is going to be our most beautiful yet.

  • Dawn
    Posted on

    I agree with all of you. At this point I’m totally disgusted with Sephora this past year I don’t know how many times I’ve had to call CS after I received my order because my Reward was not in the box. No note, no reward, no samples, no reward points credited back to my account. I hate to call them because I’ve heard stories that if you call them too much they will Flag your account and you will lose your points and will not be able to shop there anymore. I had to call them 6 times this past year for the same exact reason my reward purchases were not in the box. So now I give up those points are pretty much good for nothing. I like to get my makeup at Sephora and my hair care at Ulta this is the first time in several years I did not make my level for my Ulta rewards. Did they raise that? I wish there was 1 store that had all I need under 1 roof!

  • Susan
    Posted on

    As I've written to Sephora Customer service multiple times, their reward program borders on being a sham. The customer accrues reward points by making a purchase, which is fine. However, what is not fine, is that in order to use the rewards, one must make another purchase of a certain amount, unless of course it's a 750 point reward, and almost always those are sold out. I'm surprised there has not been a class-action suit against them. I continue to shop there because I like browsing the store. If I was near a Nordstrom, I would be browsing there instead. It's also interesting that additional trial sizes are offered free if one does their shopping on line. Ulta is making strides to compete, and they have an excellent rewards program.

  • Jodi Tenzer
    Posted on

    I've always received free shipping. However, maybe they need to redo their Insider awards to make it so that the better items are actually available. I have over 5000 points because the only items that are ever available are the 100 and 250 point items; the better ones are always Sold Out, and I cannot figure out when they are restocked in order to actually get them.

  • K
    Posted on

    Very Disapointed in Sephora, there’s never any items left for any reward members, (VIB or Rouge) when you buy anything, I have several thousand points and I rarely go to Sephora because they don’t care about their customers . I see no advantage in. Shopping at Sephora .

  • Jennifer M
    Posted on

    I have to agree with these comments. I’ve been a VIB Sephora shopper since the very early days and these changes are a joke. These past two years, every change is a backslide. They really have lost whatever magic they had in the early days. So many options, places that shop that do it better. You can save money and get perks to boot

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    This is most definitely a downgrade, and not an upgrade, especially for Rouge members. For how much Rouge members spend per year, it’s almost disgraceful that we now have to “choose” from benefits we always were privy too in the past. Makes me rethink where I should be spending my money on beauty purchases.

  • Jaysie
    Posted on

    This rewards program requires too much time to figure out. I don't know who concocted it but it's diabolical. People should have better things to do with their time than deciding such things when making a purchase.

  • Candice
    Posted on

    All three tiers of beauty insiders were always able to claim a birthday gift.

  • Anne Marie Knisely
    Posted on

    This is not new for Rouge. Sephora is trash and nothing was improved . It just gets worse every year .

  • Laura Majors
    Posted on

    Actually it’s worth pointing out the new program is a downgrade in some ways. The free shipping VIB rouge can choose? It used to be free to all rouges plus you received a welcome perk for reaching the rouge spending tier. Now you can choose it as your perk and not get anything else, or choose something else and pay for the shipping. Also instead of 3 free samples they now only allow 2 free samples. Why isn’t that covered?

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