15 Celebrities Who Prove Makeup-Free Skin Over 40 Is Beyond Gorgeous

Photo Credits: Getty Images

The transformative effects of makeup are truly impressive, especially in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy seeing bare-faced celebrities every now and then. In fact, more famous faces are opting to ditch their foundation and go makeup-free as of late, and as a result, we've been able to see just how gorgeous skin—particularly skin that's over 40-years-old—can look sans makeup. So, we rounded up a few images of celebrities who aren’t afraid to show off a clean face, and unsurprisingly, they look absolutely incredible.

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Kris Jenner, 63

Kelly Ripa, 48

Kelly Rutherford, 49


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Heidi Klum, 45

Salma Hayek, 51

#nofilter #noretouching

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Penelope Cruz, 44

Tracee Ellis Ross, 45

FBF ~ remember me?

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Cindy Crawford, 52

Drew Barrymore, 43

Eva Longoria, 43

It’s a “no makeup” kinda day 😌 Happy Sunday y’all!!

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Shakira, 41

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Sofia Vergara, 45

Cameron Diaz, 45

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Tyra Banks, 44

Thinking about so much...

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Madonna, 59

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  • Jen Miller
    Posted on

    Tracee Ellis Ross 🙌🏼🙌🏼 What a natural beauty💋

  • Diana Harris
    Posted on

    I stand by everything I originally said & am in total agreement w/Mattie. Those of us in the industry know the little 'tricks' used to create flattering pix & copy is fudged for effect as well. My main issue is the misrepresentation that all of these photos are completely 'au naturel', (some are more so than others). I'm glad to see that advertising for the beauty industry is becoming increasingly more 'truthful', CVS being the latest will now label any beauty advertising appearing in their stores to indicate when photoshopping etc. was used.

  • Mattie
    Posted on

    Every single one of these old gals is wearing lippy. Tyra Banks is fully made up. You always get a better photo looking up or lying flat. Cameron Diaz, who in reality has quite pock marked skin, has gone soft focus. Most of them have used a light foundation and blush. Please don't promote these photo shopped pictures as no makeup selfies: it really is an insult to our intelligence.

  • AmyG
    Posted on

    Diana Harris, Sofias skin isn't red or irritated if you would read the captions on the photos before commenting or being so hard on another woman she's sick running 102 fever. I think they're beautiful

  • Diana Harris
    Posted on

    Sofia's skin is very red & irritated, and some ladies (Madonna) are using strong lighting which can bleach out any imperfections or using softer light/a filter (Cameron)or only exposing 1/2 their face (Shakira). I don't blame them they probably had no way to know their pix were going to be used for a photo essay on the skin of women over 40. All things considered, it just seems a bit overblown/ over the top, with all the hype.

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