11 Celebrities Who Prove Makeup-Free Skin Over 40 Is Beyond Gorgeous

The transformative effects of makeup are truly impressive, especially in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy seeing bare-faced celebrities every now and then (case in point, Penelope Cruz, 44!). In fact, more famous faces are opting to ditch their foundation and go makeup-free as of late, and as a result, we've been able to see just how gorgeous skin—particularly skin that's over 40-years-old—can look sans makeup. So, we rounded up a few images of celebrities who aren’t afraid to show off a clean face, and unsurprisingly, they look absolutely incredible.

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Tracee Ellis Ross, 45

FBF ~ remember me?

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Salma Hayek, 51

Cindy Crawford, 52

Drew Barrymore, 43

Eva Longoria, 43

It’s a “no makeup” kinda day 😌 Happy Sunday y’all!!

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Shakira, 41

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Sofia Vergara, 45

Cameron Diaz, 45

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Tyra Banks, 44

Thinking about so much...

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Madonna, 59

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  • Diana Harris
    Posted on

    Sofia's skin is very red & irritated, and some ladies (Madonna) are using strong lighting which can bleach out any imperfections or using softer light/a filter (Cameron)or only exposing 1/2 their face (Shakira). I don't blame them they probably had no way to know their pix were going to be used for a photo essay on the skin of women over 40. All things considered, it just seems a bit overblown/ over the top, with all the hype.

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