What to Do When Your Makeup Suffers From Hard Pan

Every once in a while you come across a compact or palette that turns from a lovely pressed powder, blush, bronzer or eye shadow into an almost-useless makeup product, often ending up in the trash. Known as "hard pan," it’s nothing more than a buildup of oil on the surface of the makeup product, which makes getting a brush to pick up the product virtually impossible.

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Recently, a post on Reddit received a lot of attention after a user suggested this brilliant, and oh-so-easy-to-do, tip. Use tape—yep! Simply pressing a layer of tape over the surface of the makeup that’s experiencing hard pan will remove the oil buildup (it also helps to even out the makeup, too) because the tape literally picks up a thin layer of the unusable product. While it may take a few rounds to get the product clear, those who tested out the theory said it works. We know we’re trying this makeup perfecting tip as soon as we get home.