This Foundation Covered One Woman’s Face Tattoo Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before

Compared to earlier generations, tattoos are more popular than ever. However, that doesn’t mean that all forms of body ink are widely accepted—especially when it comes to the workforce. 

Luckily, tattoo artist and makeup mogul, Kat Von D, understands this struggle all too well, which is exactly why she created a beauty line that offers totally full coverage. Need proof? A woman named Liz Smith took to Instagram to show off just how effective Kat’s line of heavy-duty makeup really is when it comes to covering up virtually anything.

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In the image (which Kat Von D reposted to her own account), you can see Smith’s largely scripted “Wayne” tattoo inked above her eyebrow. However, after blending the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation ($35) onto the letters, her tattoo completely disappears.

If you're looking to do this yourself, we'd recommend first starting with a mattifying primer (this will prevent oils on your skin from causing the makeup to slide off). Then, begin dabbing on Kat Von D's foundation with a stippling brush until the tattoo is fully covered. Take care of any touch ups with a concealer and spritz with a makeup setting spray to ensure it lasts all day.

Don’t have any body art? Kat’s formula is still a surefire way to cover up other imperfections such as acne scars, cystic pimples or severe pigmentation. You’ll be hard pressed to find better coverage on the market.