All the Ways Liposuction Is Used to Reshape From Head to Toe

All the Ways Liposuction Is Used to Reshape From Head to Toe featured image
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The most performed plastic surgery treatment globally, liposuction surged more than 21 percent last year, marking its in-demand status. Whether done alone or as an add-on, its popularity stems from its versatility. Using cutting-edge tools and techniques, we now have the ability to snatch just about any part of the body in less than an hour.

Chin + Jawline

“Liposuction has been an extremely popular operation since its inception in the late ‘80s,” explains Houston plastic surgeon Henry Mentz, MD. “It has become safer and more reliant on sculpting rather than reducing bulking, and we can create better definition and elegant contours.” Precision lipo can redefine the lower face and jawline.


Louisville, KY plastic surgeon Chet Mays, MD performed liposuction on this 29-year-old patient to sculpt her jawline for an elegant result.


Remove excess fat above the knee for improved definition. Many of these treatments include the addition of heat by way of ultrasound, radio frequency or laser, says Dr. Mentz. “We are using add-ons now in combination with liposuction, mainly to heat up the soft tissue under the skin, which helps to tighten up the skin.”


Liposuction can treat gynecomastia in men and create a sleeker contour in women. “You can smooth bra rolls and bulges,” says Southfield, MI plastic surgeon Mariam Awada, MD.

Waist + Love Handles

Removing fat from these areas can sculpt a slimmer waistline and create hourglass curves. “Younger patients typically treat the saddlebags. As they get older, treatment becomes more global, like the waist, stomach and outer thighs,” says Dr. Mentz.

Pubic Area

Treating below the abdomen can improve the profile of the lower body.


Duxbury, MA plastic surgeon Christine Hamori, MD performed liposuction during a “mons pubis lift” on this 47-year-old patient to flatten the area.


Strategic liposuction can minimize and contour the ankles, artfully enhancing the natural curve between the ankle and foot. This can give a sleeker and more graceful appearance to the lower legs.


“The facelifts and necklifts I perform are always combined with Smartlipo to target the neck and jowls,” says The Villages, FL plastic surgeon Fernando Serra, MD. “Laser-assisted lipo is ideal for smaller areas. It uses a tiny 1-millimeter tube with a laser fiber that ruptures fat cells, draining them as liquid, while tightening skin.”


Precision sculpting of the arms not only gives them a toned look, but can also address minor skin sagging. “There is a lot of misrepresentation in marketing that liposuction is minimally invasive with almost no downtime,” says Houston plastic surgeon Olga Bachilo, MD. “Anyone who has had liposuction knows there will be downtime involved.”


Creating a sculpted, tighter tummy starts with removing unwanted fat. “The abdomen by far is the most popular area, followed by the flanks,” says Dr. Bachilo.


Dr. Awada gave this 42-year-old patient a tighter stomach with a tummy tuck and lipo.


“Fat in the cheeks may be improved with microlipo to highlight bone structure,” says La Jolla, CA plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD. “Buccal fat can be contoured, but usually not with liposuction.”


Smoothing away excess fat can showcase a more toned and sculpted back.

Hips + Thighs

Sculpting and reshaping the hips can enhance curves and smooth the outer thighs. “The outer thigh area needs a cautious approach, as it’s unforgiving regarding contour irregularities. Other treatments may sometimes be advised,” Dr. Bachilo says.


Known as a BBL, the Brazilian Butt Lift helps volumize and reshape the backside. “A common combination is a tummy tuck with back lipo, as well as fat transfer to the buttocks,” says Dr. Bachilo.


Dr. Bachilo sculpted this 26-year-old patient’s waistline, back and derrière with liposuction. She also performed a fat transfer to the buttocks and hip dips to create a more contoured look.


Highlighting calf muscles can give them a more toned look. “If a patient is having any cosmetic surgery, they may decide to add on liposuction of the legs or inner thighs to enhance their result,” says Dr. Mentz.

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