How to Spring Clean Your Skin, According to Dermatologists

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Spring has sprung. With that comes a season of rebirth, and we don’t want your skin to feel left out. From dry, dead skin to excessive sweating, these doctor-recommended springtime solutions will help you refresh and reset. Once you cross a few of these off the list, you’ll be feeling like your best, most confident version of yourself this season.

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NaturaPeel Laser Detox

Delray Beach, FL dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby says the best in-office treatment for spring is the NaturaPeel. “It’s a bamboo carbon laser treatment that detoxifies the skin and gives a beautiful smooth glow to the skin. It takes about half an hour and no downtime,” she says. Sounds like a winner to us.

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Gentle in-office exfoliating treatments

“Spring tends to be a very social time, so my favorite in-office treatments for the face are gently exfoliating treatments such as the DiamondGlow or Hydrafacial, which promote even skin tone and glowy, supple skin,” says New York dermatologist Jennifer Segal, MD. She prefers doing more corrective in-office treatments for the face during the winter months.

Award Photo: HydraFacial
Award Photo: HydraFacial
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Nonablative laser treatments

Both Washington, D.C. dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, and Santa Monica, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD both recommend making an appointment for a nonablative laser treatment like Fraxel to reduce pigmentation and improve skin texture ahead of the summer.

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Hydrating injectables

Dr. Allenby says the best injectable treatment for spring is Juvederm Skinvive. She loves using this hydration injection “to induce the soft glowy texture to crinkled dried out skin.” She especially loves using it around the mouth for fine lines.

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Add antioxidants and retinoic acid into your skin-care routine

If you don’t already have retinoic acid and topical antioxidants like vitamin C in your skin-care routine, Dr. Alster suggests adding them into the mix for spring. They will help brighten the skin and induce neocollagenesis, she says. Dr. Shamban says lathering on the antioxidant serums is very important for maintenance.

New York dermatologist Jody A. Levine, MD recommends a good antioxidant cleanser with green tea for your nightly cleanse. “People are generally out more during the warmer climates and are exposed to more oxidation damage (especially from the sun),” she says. This makes antioxidants all the more important to help fight free radicals from the environment.

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This one is for those that struggle with excessive sweating. Miradry treatment comes in handy in the summer as it eliminates or decreases underarm sweat in only one or two treatments, says Dr. Levine. “People prone to sweating can get embarrassing sweat marks under their arms in the summer, and Miradry is amazing to eliminate that problem.”

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Consider swapping out products with hydroquinone 

Dr. Allenby says she tends to switch a lot of her patients “to non-hydroquinone skin lighteners because they can get more irritated with increased sun exposure.”

During the spring and summer opt for dark spot solutions without hydroquinone to avoid irritation. She recommends products like Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum ($178) or Cyspera.

BUY NOW – $178

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Skin tightening

For the face, Dr. Shamban says she likes to do some skin tightening on patients in the spring. For this, she generally uses either Fotona or Sofwave.

Award Photo: Sofwave
Award Photo: Sofwave
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Laser hair removal

If you still have some stubborn body hair you want gone, Dr. Levine recommends getting laser hair removal this spring. By summer, your skin will be smooth.

Award Photo: BAREit Laser Hair Removal
Award Photo: BAREit Laser Hair Removal
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Keep it simple

“Generally, I recommend keeping one’s routine simple and gentle in the spring, since the changing of the seasons can make the skin more sensitive and prone to dryness and breakouts,” says Dr. Segal.

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Neuromodulators and fillers

Whether you need to top up on your injections this season or you’re a first-timer, Dr. Alster recommends considering neurotoxins or fillers for a spring skin reset. This will help “reduce movement-associated and volume-loss wrinkling.”

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Laser or sclerotherapy for blood vessels

Dr. Levine recommends “laser or sclerotherapy to erase those extra unsightly blood vessels on the legs.” This treatment will help you feel even more confident showing off your legs in the warm weather.

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Step up your sunscreen game

It’s no surprise Dr. Alster and Dr. Levine both say daily application of sunscreen is a must, especially as the days get brighter and warmer. Dr. Levine notes that people aren’t always diligent about using sun protection during colder weather, so be sure to use it even on the cooler days of spring. 

“SPF in makeup is not good enough for summer. If you already use a daily moisturizer with sunblock, make sure the one you are using in the summer has a physical blocker, not just a chemical blocker,” says Dr. Levine. “Perhaps switch to a tinted daily moisturizer with sunblock as people like to add a little color to their skin in the summer, and this can obviate the need to tan.”

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Body sculpting

“For spring, body contouring is important to prepare for summer clothes,” says Dr. Shamban. “Body treatments with low downtime such as Coolsculpting are great to do in the spring to get ready for summer,” says Dr. Segal.

Dr. Levine recommends Emsculpt. It helps build up the abdominal and gluteal muscles so you feel even more confident. “Emsculpt, Ultimate contour and Emtone for skin tightening are three basic modalities that we use to address muscle, fat and skin,” says Shamban.

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CO2 Lift Mask

Dr. Shamban recommends adding the CO2 Lift Mask ($93) to your skin-care routine. “It will give your skin a nice glow,” she says. It also addresses puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles, pore size, skin tightness and more.

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Exfoliating this season will help shed the dead skin from the winter months so you can start anew in the summer. Dr. Levine recommends doing glycolic peels twice a month, especially if you’re breaking out. She also recommends using an alpha-beta scrub once a week.

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BBL Photofacial or Picosure

Dr. Levine says a BBL Photofacial or Picosure treatment are great ways to brighten your complexion ahead of the summer.

Award Photo: PicoSure
Award Photo: PicoSure
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Spruce up your makeup bag

“Now is a good time to clean or change makeup brushes,” says Dr. Levine. “People often forget to do this, and spring cleaning is a good reminder.” Dr. Shamban suggests also cleaning out old skin-care products that have been hanging around for too long.

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Local liposuction or laser fat reduction

If you want to eliminate some stubborn pockets of fat that seemingly won’t respond to exercise and diet changes, Dr. Levine recommends considering local liposuction or laser-fat reduction.

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