Executive Beauty Editor
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Elise Minton Tabin joined NewBeauty, the definitive authority on all things beauty, in 2005. Working her way up from Editorial Assistant to Senior Beauty Editor, she became the magazine’s executive beauty editor in 2008, bringing her own creative spin and new ideas to the brand in her current role. 

As Executive Beauty Editor, Minton Tabin stays on top of all beauty and plastic surgery trends, writes features, represents the brand for broadcast television appearances and maintains contact with publicists, doctors, experts, hairstylists, makeup artists and other industry leaders. She also works closely with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Yolanda Yoh Bucher, to conceptualize editorial ideas and ensure that the publication’s integrity is carried throughout each issue.

Prior to joining NewBeauty, Minton Tabin was the Marketing Director for a local magazine and also worked in beauty and fashion public relations.

Best Piece of Beauty Advice: Wash your face every single night no matter what! In my opinion, there's nothing worse than going to bed with a face full of makeup. it only instigates breakouts, dryness and, come morning, your skin will look dull and zapped of any life.

Regimen: While this changes based on what my skin needs, on a daily basis I wash with a gel cleanser, apply eye cream, use at least two serums; one to repair my skin, one with antioxidants to protect it, and slater on the sunscreen. At night, I swap SPF for Retin-A and apply a light moisturizer as needed. I'm diligent about professional facials every three to four weeks, exfoliating my skin at home weekly and using masks when my skin needs a little pick-me-up and Botox and fillers regularly.

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My Beauty Philosophy, by Nia Long

With an acting career that spans more than 25 years and two young children, 42-year-old Nia Long has certainly found a recipe for success in Hollywood—and she’s managed to stay looking great along the way. While she credits her Caribbean and Indian heritage for her good looks, it’s her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and diligent skin care that truly help her look and feel amazing.


The Best Anti-Cellulite Workout

The thighs, butt, stomach and upper arms are the areas that attract cellulite and women are on a constant quest to find a permanent solution to eliminate it.


The Latest Anti-Cellulite Treatments

The thighs, butt, stomach and upper arms are the areas that attract cellulite and women are on a constant quest to find a permanent solution to eliminate it. Count poor circulation, connective tissue and fibrous bands that push against fat among the causes ...

Adult Acne

Ziana: The Secret To Clear Skin

It was nearly five years ago that NewBeauty first introduced you to Ziana, a topical clear anti-acne gel that makes use of both clindamicyin (an antibiotic) and a low-level retinoid (to keep pores clean and signs of aging minimized by increasing cell turnov...


The Five-Second Butt Lifter

Round, lifted and free of unsightly cellulite: isn't that the butt we all long for? It often takes a lot of dedication and work-both at the gym and self-control over what's on your plate-but the results are worth it! In fact, my butt is constantly on the &#...

Hands + Nails

The Quickest Gel Manicure Ever!

Gel manicures have made quite a name for themselves over the past year or so. Personally, I've never been much of a fan and have resorted to the chip-resistant manis strictly for travel purposes-nothing gets me more frustrated than freshly painted nails tha...


A New Wrinkle Reducer Set To Debut This Spring

Come this spring, you may have yet another option to choose from in terms of injectables that erase, and prevent, wrinkles. Xeomin, a new botulinum toxin from the makers of Radiesse and Asclera, just received approval by the FDA to temporarily improve the a...


The Perfect Everyday, Everything Mascara

Mascara is one of those staple products that I just can't seem to go without. I wear it pretty much every single day, without fail. The only place you won't catch me sporting ‘done up' lashes is at the gym. And, because every type of occasion calls f...


My Ultimate Relaxation

Time to myself is few and far between these days, so any time I get close enough to a spa, and can tear myself away from “everyday life," I indulge! My most recent treat was at the uber chic Phillipe Starck-designed The Spa at Viceroy Miami. Perched ...


Learning To Love Liquid Foundation

I've never been much of a fan of liquid foundation. Not only can it be hard to apply, but it also makes me think of bad makeup from the '80s. But I recently tried Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation, and my opinion of liquid foundation has shifted to...

Health + Wellness

Found: The Perfect Yoga Pants!

Now that I've gotten myself on a regular-yet-intense workout routine, I decided that my gear was just as important as the actual exercise itself. So out went the old Soffe shorts and in came the yoga pants. But pair after pair, I kept running into the same ...

A Vitalizing Vegas Spa Ritual

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of experiencing the MGM Grand Spa's signature treatment, the Dreaming Ritual. Performed in the zen-like private lower level, this two-hour tribal-inspired service begins with a cleansing and exfoliating ar...
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