Scandinavian Hairline: The Hair Color Trend That’s Taking Over

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If you’ve ever marveled at the light, natural highlights found in Scandinavian hair, then you’re already in the know on the latest hair trend: Scandinavian Hairline. It’s a trend that’s taking the beauty world by storm, and it’s all about achieving that effortlessly sun-kissed look that Scandinavian beauties seem to effortlessly sport.

“Regardless of their hair color, their hairline, face frames, and baby hairs are so effortlessly kissed by the sun and stand out so much lighter and brighter than the rest of the hair on their head,” explains New York City hairstylist and colorist Jaclyn Seabrooke.

In a world where bold, solid money piece techniques have reigned supreme for some time, the Nordic inspired Scandinavian trend is a breath of fresh air. It’s a technique that emphasizes subtlety and natural beauty, making it perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. Instead of dramatic streaks of color, the Scandinavian Hairline focuses on soft, delicate highlights that peek out from underneath around the face. It’s a look that’s as flattering as it is natural, and it’s quickly becoming the go-to choice for those looking to refresh their hair color.

Featured Experts

  • Jaclyn Seabrooke is a hairstylist and colorist in New York City
  • Chad Kenyon is a celebrity hair colorist in Beverly Hills
  • Reece Walker is a celebrity colorist and hairstylist whose clients include Victoria Beckham and Poppy Delevingne

Scandinavian Subtlety

So, what exactly sets the Scandinavian Hairline apart from other coloring techniques? It’s all about the art of nuance. Rather than opting for a stark contrast between your hairline and the rest of your locks, the Scandi Hairline technique blends seamlessly. It mimics the sun’s gentle touch on your hair, creating a subtle halo of brightness that enhances your overall look.

One of the key benefits of the Scandinavian Hairline is its versatility. It works beautifully on a variety of hair colors and lengths. Whether you have a mane of golden locks or jet-black hair, the Scandi Hairline can be tailored to suit your unique style. It’s also a low-maintenance choice, making it ideal for those who want to look effortlessly beautiful without spending hours in the salon chair.

Another advantage of the Scandinavian Hairline is its ability to enhance your facial features. By strategically placing those soft, sun-kissed highlights around your face, you can accentuate your best features and create a natural, radiant glow. It’s like having a permanent filter for your hair, and who wouldn’t want that?

It reigned supreme during the summer months, and we don’t foresee Scandinavian Hairline going anywhere this fall. Ahead, Seabrooke shares her expert insights into achieving the Scandinavian Hairline look, including tips on choosing the right shade with your colorist, maintaining your new hair color, and styling it to perfection. Get ready to embrace the sun-kissed beauty of Scandinavian hair, because this trend is about to shine brighter than ever before.

What Is the “Scandi Hairline?”

“The ‘Scandi Hairline’—or Scandinavian Hairline—is a color technique that immediately brightens the edge of the hairline around the face a touch lighter and brighter than the rest of your hair to replicate how the sun hits the hairline,” Seabrooke explains.

Celebrity colorist Reece Walker describes the “Scandi Hairline” as a “hair-coloring technique that creates a subtly lighter, natural-looking hairline inspired by the sun-lightened effect common in Scandinavian aesthetics. It aims to lightly brighten around the face for a youthful, sun-kissed appearance across all hair colors, focusing on delicate color transitions for a natural effect.”

“The Scandinavian Hairline technique is where colorists lighten the baby hairs at the hairline to resemble the hairline of a ‘typical’ or ‘stereotypical’ Scandinavian,” adds celebrity colorist Chad Kenyon.

Is the “Scandi Hairline” Just for Blondes?

The short answer: no. “The ‘Scandi Hairline’ isn’t just for blondes; it’s adaptable to all hair colors,” Walker says. “By subtly lightening around the hairline, it creates a natural, sun-kissed look that enhances the complexion. For brunettes and redheads, variations like soft caramel or golden highlights achieve this effect, focusing on a gentle gradient for a naturally brightened appearance.”

While nothing is off limits, Kenyon notes, “this technique is best best for blondes lest there be too much contrast for brunettes or a deeper red head,” he says.

The Process:

Typically performed at the wash basin after other highlighting or balayage services, the “Scandi Hairline” technique involves selecting a small section of hair, about half an inch wide, along the hairline. This section is then processed with freehand lightener for a duration of up to 5 minutes. “To achieve a seamless blend, it’s important that the hairline color is just one or two shades lighter than the rest of your hair,” says Seabrooke. “This ensures a natural look that enhances the beauty of your baby hairs and hairline.”

From Natural to Dramatic:

The beauty of this hairline trend lies in its versatility. “This technique is not just for blondes, but can be achieved for redheads, brunettes and darker hair shades that also want brightness to soften the look of baby hairs and the hairline for a really natural brightening effect,” Seabrooke explains. “The technique can look incredibly natural, seamlessly blending with your full hair color, or it can be combined with stronger face-frame highlights for a more dramatic effect.” 

What to Ask for at the Salon

If you’re looking to try out the “Scandi Hairline” for yourself, Walker lays out exactly what you’ll need to ask for and prep for at your next appointment.

Ask for subtle face-framing highlights: “Request natural-looking highlights around the face to mimic sun-lightened hair, emphasizing a natural and subtle enhancement.”

Opt for Soft Blending: “Ensure the highlights blend seamlessly with your base color for a radiant, gentle effect without harsh lines.”

Specify “Scandi Hairline” or “Baby Lights:” “Use these terms to describe the desired light and subtle highlights, aiding stylist understanding.”

Bring Photos: “Providing visual examples can help align your expectations with your stylist’s approach.”

Discuss Color Shades: “Choose shades close to your natural color but lighter, aiming for a sun-kissed look.”

Include a Consultation: “A thorough discussion with your stylist about your hair’s condition, routine and preferences is crucial for personalized advice and results.”

Ask Questions: Keynon says a conversation with your colorist is important before making any changes. “Discuss with your colorist whether or not a ‘baby blonde Scandi Hairline’ would be complimentary to your features and to your hair color.”

“Scandi Hairline” Maintenance:

Another draw to this trending hair color is a lack of stark regrowth. “The regrowth should come out soft so there won’t be a huge line of demarcation,” says Kenyon, “but again, discuss with your colorist when it’s time for a Scandi refresh. You don’t want to do it too frequently so as to avoid overlapping the lightener on the already lightened pieces,” he warns, noting he “always” uses Olaplex N°.1 Bond Multiplier “to make sure the baby hairs too get stronger instead of weaker.”

Generally speaking, regular touch-ups are recommended every 12 weeks to keep your Scandi Hairline looking fresh. For brunettes and darker shades, Seabrooke recommends incorporating a gloss or toner to eliminate any unwanted brassy tones, further enhancing the natural, sunkissed look.

Walker emphasizes the importance of using color-safe products in the shower—he loves #Mydentity #MyHero Nourishing Shampoo ($25) and Conditioner ($25). Additionally, use lukewarm water to help prevent color fade, limit heat styling, practice UV protection and deep condition.

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