Real Patients Share Life-Changing Rhinoplasty Before-and-Afters

Real Patients Share Life-Changing Rhinoplasty Before-and-Afters featured image
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Opting for a rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is a big decision. In the world of plastic surgery, it’s more than a simple tweak. This intricate procedure involves navigating delicate nasal structures while preserving unique features. A “good” nose job can enhance one’s features, while a “bad” one may lead to distress and unhappiness, and sometimes require a revision. These four patient stories demonstrate that achieving a great result isn’t about attaining a picture-perfect nose, but rather aiming for the one that’s perfect for your face.

Rhinoplasty surgery continues to be among the top three facial procedures.

Source: American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Featured Experts

  • David W. Kim, MD is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco.
  • James Bouzoukis, MD is a board-certified is a facial plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Anthony Bared, MD is a board-certified is a facial plastic surgeon in Miami.
  • Barry Weintraub, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.

Case 01: College-Bound Contour

Patient: Joey, 18 | Procedure: Primary Rhinoplasty | Location: New York, NY | Plastic Surgeon: Barry Weintraub, MD

What It Is: A rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose to improve its appearance. It can address issues such as a dorsal hump, asymmetry or overall size and shape of the nose. It can also be performed to correct breathing difficulties caused by structural issues in the nose, such as a deviated septum, but its primary focus is on aesthetic enhancement

Joey’s Story: “I’ve always had an issue with my nose,” says Joey. “Every time I took a picture or a selfie, I found myself needing to edit my nose. It was the first thing I noticed. I really didn’t want to take pictures because of it.”

Her concerns centered around her bulbous tip and the width of the bridge. She says, “I wanted it to be more narrow, defined and feminine.”

Determined to enter college with more confidence in her appearance, she set out to find the right surgeon. “She was resolute,” says Joey’s mother Lauren. “Personally, I was opposed to her having surgery or altering anything about her face.”

Joey says that getting a natural- looking result was her top priority. “I went for three consultations with different surgeons. I ended up going with Dr. Weintraub because he really understood what I wanted.”

Dr. Weintraub says, “Like many of my patients, Joey wanted a very natural result, so we conservatively narrowed the tip and cartilage. This prevented her nose from drooping when she smiles.”

The End Result: “My friends and family notice a change, but can’t pinpoint exactly what it is,” says Joey. “I absolutely love my results.”

Lauren says she admires Joey’s determination: “She looks beautiful, but more importantly, like herself.”


“I believed she was perfect the way she was. However, now I can see how much happier she is and how natural she looks, and I’m glad she didn’t listen to me,” Lauren says.

Case 02: Secondary Success

Patient: Tina, 52 | Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty | Location: San Francisco, CA | Facial Plastic Surgeon: David W. Kim, MD

What It Is: A specialized surgical procedure that addresses and enhances the results of a previous rhinoplasty. If a patient is dissatisfied with their initial results, experience disfiguring complications, or develops functional issues, a revision can help. In some cases, cartilage may need to be taken from areas like the ear or ribs to achieve the desired improvements.

Tina’s Story: “My rhinoplasty journey began with my first surgery at 18,” says Tina. While it initially improved the appearance of her nose, over time, her anatomy began to shift and change. This lead to her decision for a revision at the age of 52. “I just hated the way it looked. It was like, ‘I got this work done, and it didn’t even last.’“

“While I loved my original results all throughout my 20s and 30s, my nose seemed to curve, the hump became more noticeable, and the overall shape had altered. I felt like it was looking worse and worse as the years went on.”

Tina says she chose Dr. Kim after a lengthy search because she liked his approach. “His focus was to address all of the discrepancies and deliver a natural look by lifting the tip, smoothing out the bumps and ridges, and then straightening my nose out.” To achieve this, Dr. Kim used rib cartilage to create a straighter nose and correct internal deviations.

The End Result: “My nose looks natural. It fits my face and it’s straight now,” says Tina. “It totally changes everything. It has also improved the symmetry of my face, even when my hair is up in a ponytail.”


Tina’s advice before choosing a surgeon: “Make sure you’re confident in your plastic surgeon’s abilities and that your expectations match. It’s hard to fix your nose once it has been altered.”

Case 03: The “Liquid Nose Job”

Patient: Adam, 60 | Procedure: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty | Location: Scottsdale, AZ | Facial Plastic Surgeon: James Bouzoukis, MD

What It Is: A nonsurgical rhinoplasty, often called a “liquid nose job,” is minimally invasive and involves injecting dermal fillers to reshape the nose. Expertly placed filler can smooth out imperfections, provide more definition and improve symmetry. The results are temporary, but it offers a quicker, less-invasive alternative to surgery.

Adam’s Story: Adam’s choice to have a nonsurgical rhinoplasty at age 60 was fueled by his desire for a noncommittal facial upgrade. “I wanted something that would be subtle, but effective. If I didn’t like it, I could change my mind. It wasn’t a permanent surgical thing.” His primary goal was to make his nose straighter and lift the tip.

“It was a great experience from start to finish. Dr. Bouzoukis made me feel comfortable with the procedure and injecting my nose. He explained the process, risks, benefits and how long the results would last.”

The procedure itself was nearly painless, says Adam, with minimal bruising and swelling that gradually subsided over the course of a week or two. “I liked that I could see an immediate improvement right away, before I even left the office.”

The End Result: Offering advice to those considering a “liquid nose job,” Adam says it’s a win-win, especially if you want a pre-surgery preview. ”Everyone wants to look in the mirror and be pleased with their appearance. I think it has made a noticeable difference. I really like the way my nose looks now. I wasn’t crazy about it before—it wasn’t that I hated it—but now, it’s a net positive in my mind.”


“I go about every 10 months and I don’t think I will stop. It’s made a big difference in how I look and feel,” says Adam.

Case 04: Facial Balancing

Patient: Alexia, 20 | Procedure: Ethnic Rhinoplasty With Ultrasound Technique | Location: Miami, FL | Facial Plastic Surgeon: Anthony Bared, MD

What It Is: Ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery that is tailored to preserve the patient’s ethnic heritage and achieve a more refined nose shape and size. This procedure considers the diverse distinctions among different ethnicities, including variations in skin thickness, nasal tip and nostril size, and the width of the nasal bridge. It requires an understanding of the typical facial characteristics of various ethnic groups and strives to maintain the unique features of each group.

Alexia’s Story: ”Growing up, I was never bullied, but I was always insecure about my features,” says Alexia. “I didn’t really resemble my family as much. I had a big hump on my nose and it was very crooked.” At 18, she decided to get a nose job to address the concerns that bothered her. “I chose Dr. Bared because he made me feel so comfortable and he was very realistic about setting expectations about what he could do. And he completely delivered. He gave me a Hispanic rhinoplasty.

I’m from Guatemala, and while I wanted to correct my hump and bulbous tip, I didn’t want to change my face. I wanted a more lifted tip and a straighter side profile, but I still wanted to look like me.

The End Result: Dr. Bared focused on providing Alexia with symmetry and a more balanced nose that fit her face. “He was able to do all of those things, and I think I resemble my mom now a lot more because my nose looks so much more like hers. Before, I didn’t look like her at all.” Alexia says what she loves most about her result is that her other facial features remained unaltered. “My nose just looks so much more refined and fitting to my face. It has definitely improved my confidence. I’ve never felt so comfortable with myself. That’s been the biggest thing for me.”


“I don’t even feel the need to wear makeup when I go out. I feel like my inner beauty is fi nally released,” says Alexia about her new nose.

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