Digital Editor

Danielle Fontana, the digital editor at NewBeauty, has been covering all things beauty and aesthetics since she joined the NewBeauty editorial team five years ago. Half a decade and a cross-country move later, she now oversees all digital content for the brand and is passionate about helping readers leave the site, their inboxes and their social feeds a little bit more confident than they came.

Regimen: “My oily skin needs all of the lightweight moisture it can get. My job makes it tough to stick with a specific lineup (such a problem, I know!) but Tula products have always lived up to the Instagram hype for me—every bottle coddles sensitive skin but somehow makes it look smoother, brighter and pillow-soft sans any irritation. As for heavy-hitting products, iS Clinical—the medical-grade brand that’s likely behind your favorite celebrity’s glow—takes the cake every time.”

Advice: “Always refer to a professional. Whether your skin isn’t agreeing with a new product or you’re curious about surgery, a conversation with a qualified doctor is always more valuable—and more accurate—than any Google search.”

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