Liz Ritter

Executive Editor
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Liz Ritter is the executive editor of NewBeauty magazine and has been on staff for 10-plus years. Her true love is covering spa content, but she has a special place in her heart for everything sunscreen-related and celeb.

Best Piece of Beauty Advice:
"'Wear sunscreen' is a given but I truly regret all the years I colored my hair where I really didn’t have to. Once you’re completely gray (like me), it becomes a not-at-all-fun full-time job!"

Beauty Regimen:
"I could write a novel on my love of Revision Intellishade (and I think I probably have). It is my use-every-day, twice-a-day, desert island product. I have worn it religiously for about a decade since I first discovered it and one of the best days of my life was when I went to the lab in Dallas to see where it’s made. It is the easiest way to do your makeup in the morning, while making sure you get your SPF. It always looks natural but not overdone—and it’s literally the only thing you need to put on before you walk out the door."

What Liz Ritter's written:
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