Everything to Know About Underlashes—The Makeup Trend That’s Taking Over the Internet

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Fact: Defined and lush lashes are always in vogue. While mascara is a tried-and-true makeup staple, false lashes can deliver the same effect. You’re probably familiar with lash strips that create the illusion of density and fullness when placed on top of your natural lashes. The fully loaded strips are perfect for glamorous makeup looks and special occasions. But for everyday use, underlashes have become the gold standard.

Light, airy and fluttery, they create a naturally enhanced appearance that can be subtle or dramatic. Even better? There are many ways to DIY the look. From single, wispy bunches to stacked clusters, the options are endless. Finding a system that works for you won’t be difficult—if you know what to look for. Here, experts outline the dos and don’ts of underlashes.

Featured Experts

  • Erika La’Pearl is a celebrity makeup artist 
  • Sahara Lotti is the founder of Lashify

What are underlashes?

As the name suggests, underlashes are false lashes that are applied underneath your natural lashes instead of sitting on top of them. There are a few ways to wear underlashes, depending on how long you want them to last. “Underlash extensions are applied by a professional technician and usually last for about one to two weeks,” says celebrity makeup artist Erika La’Pearl. These are great for extended wear, however, they can be costly, with prices reaching upwards of $400. Lash clusters, on the other hand, are more affordable and offer a range of styles for several different periods. “Underlash clusters are considered false lashes,” says La’Pearl. The longevity of these styles varies by brand, but on average, they can last anywhere from one day to a full week. 

What are the benefits of underlashes?

Lashes are a delicate feature. Even rubbing off stubborn mascara can be problematic, so you can only imagine the damage that can occur from traditional lash strips. As Sahara Lotti explains, false underlashes such as Lashify’s Gossamers are designed to connect underneath your natural lashes so they won’t pull on them. Though underlash extensions offer a natural look, La’Pearl notes that they can be more damaging than disposable options. “If applied too close to the skin, the extensions can cause hair follicles to get blocked, making it hard for new lashes to grow and possibly lead to ingrown hairs or styes,” she says. 

Aside from the health benefits, disposable lashes are also customizable, a feat that’s not so easily done with lash extensions. Since the clusters sit underneath your natural lashes, you can layer or stack them together to intensify the look. “When applied correctly, they can even lift and shape your eyes,” says Lotti. This also means they feel lighter than traditional lash strips, which can appear weighty on top of natural lashes.

Applying and removing underlashes

Unlike lash strips, underlash clusters are simple to apply and require little skill. “Think of them as a lash strip that has been cut into sections to fit snugly under your lashes,” says La’Pearl. That said, both experts agree that they should be applied from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye. “The key is to place them above the waterline of your natural lashes,” says Lotti. This ensures that no damage will occur when it’s time to discard them.

Removing underlash clusters is a lot easier than you may think. Many brands have their own removal products that work similarly to oil-based makeup removers to break down the adhesive so that the clusters simply slide off. La’Pearl recommends soaking a cotton pad with remover or an oil such as baby or coconut and gently holding it over the lashes to loosen the adhesive. “Once it has fully dissolved [usually after a few minutes], use a tissue to gently wipe the lashes away.

Ready to give underlashes a try? See our favorite picks below.

The top underlashes to try

1 / 5

I Envy By Kiss’ Press & Go Press On Cluster Lashes All-in-One Kit ($13)

When you want to give your lashes a quick boost with no time to spare, this is the kit you need. The clusters are pre-loaded with adhesive, so you can just pop them on and go. “You can apply them quickly, and they’re strong enough to last for up to a full day,” says La’Pearl.

I envy
2 / 5

Lashify’s The Control Kit ($125)

Designed to deliver the same quality, look and feel as lash extensions, this kit is a go-to for luxe lashes that last. The sleek box has everything you need to create a professional look, including a waterproof sealer for extra hold. Not only are they cost-effective, but they’re customizable, so you don’t have to commit to just one look,” says Lotti.

lashify kit
3 / 5

Velour’s Hybrid Velour-Xtension Lash Clusters ($30)

The hybrid design of these clusters is truly unique. Falling somewhere between a classic wispy lash and voluminous style, they add just the right amount of drama to your look. Use them to enhance your natural lashes or to pump up a full set of underlash clusters.

velour lashes
4 / 5

Ardell’s Seamless Underlash Extensions Faux Mink ($17)

These faux mink lashes have all the glamour and appeal of luxury lashes for a fraction of the cost. They’re soft to the touch and weightless, yet they have stunning volume. Try using a mixture of different lengths for a feathery and full effect.

ardell underlash
5 / 5

Noonlash’s Dawn Silk Lashes, Natural Wispiness ($11)

Wispy clusters are great for creating a naturally fluttery look, which is only heightened with these silk lashes. Made from the highest quality Korean PBT silk, they are as comfy as they are airy. Try adding two strips to the outer corners of your lashes for a doe-eyed look.

noon underlashes

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