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Thigh Lift


Average Cost: $8,000-$12,000

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Well Satisfied.......

Cost: $7290 in Charlotte, NC area

A Wilson said

Medial Thighlift, Arm Lift and Upper Back Fat & Skin removal So after 200+ pounds lost and 9.5 years of researching plastic surgeons, and throwing the thought of having the procedures done out of the country (to save money), I FINALLY found a board certified reasonable surgeon who is AMAZING! No, he's not a Holloywood Doctor or a Flordia Doctor for the stars but him and his staff were AWESOME! My thighs were the most jiggly things around. I would walk and because of my thighs, my body would get thrown around! And my arms had wings that were ready for flight at any given moment. And I had upper back fat that decided no matter what type of bra or other articles of clothing to hide it up, they were going to hang by any means necessary! On 5/15 from 8am to 5:30 pm my surgeon put in a full days work. My arms, I saw results immediately. My legs while the dimples and wrinkles were gone they are still large in size but thats due to the swelling. My incisions believe it or not after 8 days post op are healing beautifuly; there is about 3 spots I'm like uggh overall on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 11++++ I had a C-section with my son and you can't even see the scar and my doctor and I are very hopefully in knowing that in time the scars from my procedure will fade away. I will be going back to him later on for one last surgery and that is for my breast lift/reduction and a tummy tuck (I'm trying to see if I'm going to have any more children).

thigh lift is amazing

Pam F. said

after losing over 70 lbs i had a lot of sagging skin especially around my thigh area. i decided that it was well worth the money to complete my body transformation with a thigh lift. i see results already and its been less than 1 month. Recovery hasnt been too painful and it seems to be healing quicker than the doctor said it would. I  am so excited to see my final results and will update once i am completley healed!

3 months post-op and couldnt be happier!

Olivia A. said

i love my new legs! saggy skin is never attractive so i opted for a taargeted surgery called a thigh lift that removed excess skin and tightened my buttocks and thighs. my results were amazing and my recovery was a breeze. i am now 3 months post op and couldnt be happier!

Big mistake

Tania Z. said

I have been left scarred from this thigh lift procedure. i thought i would have tightened skin and a new backside but instead i have been left with huge scars only after a terribly painful recovery period. the skin that was supposed to be tightened still sags (not as much as before but it shouldnt at all) and it almost creates a wrinkling effect just below my rear. this was a big mistake!

Amazing procedure on my thighs!

Manuela F. said

I recently lost a bunch of weight solving a lot of my confidence problems. Unfortuantely, i wasnt as happy as i thought i would be becuase my thigh skin was saggy and lose from the weight drop. i found out about a specified procedure called a thigh lift  and it was the best thing for it! I am no longer self-conscious about my weight or my skin!


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