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Amazing results

Penelope B. said

I say i had no pain during and just after surgery would be truthful but as for the overall experience, the pain was much less than i expected. My recovery time was about 1 1/2 to 2 months total and it has now been a year and my scar has faded entirely. The week following the surgery was uncomfortable and somewhat painful but i had heard it was going to be much worse. Not only do i look like i am 10 years younger, i look thinner and i had nothing done to my body! A great procedure that yeilds amazing results.

Substantial double chin gone

Giana G. said

I had a substantial double chin as well as saggy jowls and neck. I opted for liposuction. I also had loose skin around my chin which was tightened. I love my new look!

My Necklift

Jill R. said

Never had a problem with my confidence until i noticed a drooping  skin on my neck in my 50's. I thought the rest of me was still beautiful but the saggy skin began to affect the way i felt about myself.  I decided to have a necklift, and now 3 weeks post-op, i couldnt be happier. Not only does my face look thinner and refreshed, i look years younger. I know i will continue to look better as i heal and cant wait to see the final result.

Terrible necklift experience

Victora M. said

money is what it boiled down to when I had my necklift. I was left swollen and bruised for longer than i was told i would be and i have terrible scars. I dont think this wouldve happen if i had gone to a better doctor though but i still cant leave a positive review about my experience! 

neck lipo

Sherry J. said

 I wanted to have a neck  instead of hiding all the time bc it was sagging. I decided to have liposuction on my neck and I couldn't be happier.

Retin-A on my neck and decollate

Sherry V. said

I  use Retin-A  on my neck. Its a terrific product. I will probably need more invasive procedures like a necklift in the future but for now this works great! 


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