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Arm Lift


Average Cost: $4,482

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Armlift made such a difference

Judy F. said

Im a curvy girl and have always embraced this about myself. But when it came to my arms, i often had a hard time fitting into certain tops or sleeved dresses. I finally decided to get an armlift and i couldnt be happier.  The downtime was shorter than anticipated, with minimal pain and  quick healing. I would recommend this to anyone who loves thier curves are frustrated by sagging arm skin.

Targeted Arm Lift

Sharon G. said

After having both of my kids, i had a very hard time loosing all the weight i gained during pregnancy. When i found that my weight was steady, but not ideal, i decided to have a couple procedures done in addition to a new diet and exercise routine. When i finally reached my goal weight, i was still very bothered by the saggy skin on both my under arms. I decided to have an armlift as my last procedure and it made the biggest difference in my overall appearance. I was no longer insecure about wearing sleveless tops even though the rest of my body looked great. i have my great doctor to thank for giving me back my pre-baby arms!

Armlift was worth it all!

Mimi F. said

Although i have always been more on the heavy-set side, i was always very confident about my body bc i was proportionate. As I grew older, i remained the same weight but noticed that the skin on my upper was beginning to sag. My doctor told me that i could have an armlift to bring my arms back to proportion and my confidence back up. I am so happy with my results. The only downside was that i couldnt drive for four weeks but it was well worth the wait!

Left with terrible scars

Anonymous Reader said

I had heard great things about arm lift procedures. I consulted with several doctors before i decided to go through with the procedure. My main problem was the area under my arm pit which had an extra bunch of skin hanging. I was so insecure about wearing sleeveless shirts and needed to have something done about it! Unfortantely, after my surgery the bunch of skin was eliminated but the surgery left a huge embaressing scar on each arm. I did all my doctor suggested to fade the scar but it has been 2 years now and the scar is still incredibly noticeable. I still refuse to wear tank tops, just now for a different reason.

Just what I needed after weight loss

Nicky Q. said

After i lost a great deal of weight (and shed tons of insecurity)  I still struggled with confidence because of saggy skin left under my arms. But thanks to an arm lift i looked as if i had lost another 20 lbs. It was just what i needed to complete my body transformation and give me the confidence i had always lacked. I was able to return normal activity within just a week of surgery, (except of course anything involving heavy lifting or driving which i was able to resume within 4 weeks.) My biggest concern was scarring but you would hardly notice i had the surgery as the incision was made just under my armpit and the scars have faded for the most part. I am ecstatic about my results and recommend this procedure to anyone with saggy arm skin after a great deal of weight loss! Good luck!

Scars are Better than Hanging Skin

Cost: $3,600 in Baltimore, Maryland area

Kathy B. said

I recently lost 100 pounds, but was left with “bat wings.” I decided to have brachioplasty to remove the excess skin my upper arms. I do have a scar down the inside of both arms (which I was aware of prior to the procedure), but you can’t see it unless I raise my arms. The scar is definitely much better than the hanging skin!

awkward sagggy arms gone

Anonymous Reader said

 had saggy arms that just didnt match the rest of my body. i ended up having an arm lift and i couldnt be happier. the excess fat was removed and the skin tightened and it looks amazing. i still work out just as much but now have arms to match the rest of me!

No More Bat Wings!

Cost: $15,000 in San Francisco, California area

Sarah P. said

Successful gastric bypass surgery left me with a lot of loose, hanging skin. I had an upper body lift and an arm lift and am very pleased with the results. I can now wear short sleeves with confidence! I can’t wait to transform the rest of my body now, too!


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